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Surely, somewhere there is a special hell for personal care assistants who quit with no notice because them damn disabled people need to learn a lesson about how to appreciate the able-bodied. Right? RIGHT?

Fuck. I don't even believe in hell.

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. Not panicking. Not panicking. Not panicking. Not panicking.

We have some options, but I'm still mid-medical crisis and about to have some serious issues with keeping my meds managed.


Totally not panicking. I am a ninja. Ninjas don't panic.


Course, it woulda helped if I got sleep last night. Like, a lot. But this is maybe a little stressful. So, ya know.

Fuck it, I have stories to write and they've gotten me through everything so far. Onward!
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Ew. So, I have been obsessed with Iron and Wine, right? Like for the last several months.

You know how you get into an artist and you just magically gravitate toward certain songs and can ignore the others because you just get favorites?

Well, that happens to me, anyway. But today I put on one of the ones that I kinda liked the general premise of, or thought I did, and I really took a listen to the lyrics.

You guys, it was seriously, SERIOUSLY rapey. Like, how did I miss this? SO RAPEY. So then Meg and I were discussing his lyrics, and how generally they are really good lyrics and they make me think that other artists are just a joke because this guy can really write (and I really think he can). And she started pointing out MORE RAPEYNESS and other stuff.

So whatever, now I have to stop listening to him because all I can think is RAPEY.


I am going to miss Sam Beam, but he has to go. Like, stat.

How does this shit sneak past our radar? What the fuck is wrong with people?

Whatever, I will always have my girl folk artists, and Glen and Mark. Fuck you, Sam Beam, you will never be rapey in my general direction again. But I am going to miss you.

(FYI, the offending song is here: http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858555096/ Trigger warning like woah, obviously.)
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Break from fandom is not really a break from fandom. WHY HAS THIS BECOME MY LIFE? It’s really alarming. I do not like it, Sam I Am, I do not like green eggs and fandom.

Seriously. This sort of sucks.

Things I have decided:
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TL:DR: Standing around for hours at a time playing Wait Out The Creation Staff sort of flipped a switch somewhere in my brain. This shit is too much. I went too far. We will see if I can pull myself back or not. (Knowing me and how well this realization actually played out last time? Probably not. But I gotta try.)

BUT HEY, I have original fiction to write! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
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Things I am pondering today while I get ready for con day 1:

I really want to write a story based on Drown Out. Really really.

The question is if it would feature Doug and Jeremy or not.

Both times I have gotten ready for con I come away a little dubious about fandom in general. I don’t like the Creation staff. It is rather like cattle herding in there. There are deeply annoying parts of the whole process. And then there are the questions that make you cringe.

Frequently I take little breaks from fandom. Some of them are micro-breaks (forcing myself to write original fic before I come back, like I did this week.) Sometimes they are FUCK IT ALL breaks, like I took during season 5 (although I still watched.)

I am not sure what kind of break I am going to be tempted to take after the con, but I do plan to take one.... Jeremy and I have a lot to sort out, and he has more than earned his turn. Maccaj can’t have him living at her house forever, as much as it pleases me that he has somewhere to go.

I dunno, right now just tired and regretful. Jer is watching me, and he doesn’t look murderous, but neither of us are talking about it yet either. :P
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So, over on LJ, I got an anon comment bitching about Gossamer.

Actually, the thing was, this person became incensed with Gossamer, but the actual comments on his/her upset were directed toward the show.

It was an anon screened thing so I could have let it go. Instead, I replied to it. I let this person know it didn’t seem as if s/he had seen the episode in question, since I seemed to be getting blamed for what was decided about Dean’s arc in season six.

So just to let the people know, yes, I know codependency is bad, and just because I wrote that Dean developed a memory leak and Sam came to get him DOESN’T MEAN I AM DOING THE YAY RAH CODEPENDENCE IS AWESOME dance.

Cause I am not.

*shakes head at fandom*

Also, next time a person wants to bash a fic, they would do better by doing so from their own username. Even if I have a fairly good idea who it might be.

...Yeah, I probably wouldn’t even be remarking on this except Gossamer put me on the floor to write and it has a lot of layers and brings up a lot of issues intentionally and no one seems to see that, particularly this person.

...Whatever. This is fandom, of the endless incoherent <333333s or frownie faces, I guess. Whatever. :P
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I finished Smallville S4.

All I can say is...wow. I gave that show a chance, and it even had Jensen, and it was still *terrible*. Even the Jensen parts. Because basically it was all a lie. Or something. I don’t even know. It was just TERRIBLE. The characters can’t even keep their stories straight, especially not Jason. What the fuck even just happened?

It ended on a *cliffie* oooooooh... I will not be bothering.

I really can’t believe this thing ran for 10 years but I guess such is the power of the Superman franchise.

Now if only I felt like I could write today. I will probably put in an hour with Write or Die, just to keep taking the fic in the direction it is supposed to go, but something is off about my main plan. Argh. Oh well, a draft is a draft, right?
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Jared Padalecki got a Twitter and, as much as I hate Twitter (and I really, truly do) now I have a reason to log in and check it.


Creation continues to suck, but my payment went through, so I GUESS I AM SEEING THIS GUY IN AUGUST.

...Where is my mind? I really think they own it.

Classify me

May. 1st, 2011 09:30 am
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Okay, so I am amassing little tiny commentfics. One of them I do not know what to do with exactly.

In which I am about to spoil everything in the fic, but those of you who have the propensity to read it mostly already have on DW. So whatever.

Scenario: Dean starts glowing in a general provocative way as is his wont. Sam is trying to break the case and is FUCKING MISERABLE because Dean is glowing and it makes Sam think really terrible things BUT it is pretty clear to me and to Sam that he will not break and he DOES NOT WANT.

...Is that even UST? What the hell is that?

At the risk of tipping the scales one way or the other... Sam says: No no no no no no no no, fuck my life. Why does she have to like incubi?


Okay, so what is it?

To my mind, there is no UST, because it isn’t sexual to Sam, it is more like having the flu. Remember in Armaments (wow, my brain is in a special place, it just took me several minutes to remember that title...) when Dean was like LA LA LA LA IT IS THE FLU.... ? This is essentially like that. And NOTHING is going to happen. So basically Sam is miserable.

So any thoughts?

All this...whatever, for like a hundred words. :P

Also also, dear self, you cannot break into writing telepathy any time you want. Sometimes the Winchesters speak out loud, and sometimes you must use quotes.

Just sayin’.
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So remember when LJ was having all those problems where the text encoding was all wrong and it wouldnt accept copy-pasted entries and crap like that? I forget the exact details of this. Anyway I know I have at least one entry still left that I cannot edit because it freaks out about the encoding all over again. I probably have more than one. The importer on DW just gave me this error:

XMLRPC failure: Client error: Invalid text encoding: Cannot display this post. Please see http://www.livejournal.com/support/encodings.bml for more information.

I...REALLY hope that is the error lots of people are getting and not some kind of proof that I will never be able to import my journal because of a couple entries. D: D: D: Anyone else ever seen this?
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So now that I have been to a con, I cannot say that I regret doing it, but when I was looking around I was kind of baffled, particularly by the dealer room. Here would be part of why:

(This info is all related to LA con, I think, but it holds true for what was going on in SF.)
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NB: Grumpy tags not pointing fingers at any particular individuals and no one on my flist.

So. Um. SPN fandom is pissing me off just now. And I know that when the series is all over a lot of the wank will die down. But we've got a year and change to go, and once upon a time I told someone on my flist I'd write my thoughts on SPN fandom.

I tried to keep this short and it didn't work. But I have to get this out. This is a fandom-specific rant, but I think that it can apply to any fandom with some name substitutions. So I'm not filtering it.

Dear Sam!girls: Sam is a Dean!boy. It'd be really nice if we could all deal with this.

Dear Dean!girls: Dean is a Sam!boy. It'd be really nice if we could all deal with this.

More under here. In which I discuss this and the writers and what to do with your dissatisfaction, should you have it. )

We are on a wild ride, my friends, so let's have some fun. :D

In the spirit of fun, I present to you this theory which encapsulates why I happily go on slashing slashily - it can has humor.

I also present [livejournal.com profile] spn_glee, all show-related glee, all the time.

ETA: I hope this wasn't wanky in itself. I guess I just... there have been some ep reaction posts which have really BOTHERED me lately. I mean, everyone's entitled to an opinion, but sometimes they're just going to be WTF-inducing. :( And then there was more of the usual "I HATE THIS CHARACTER," and well, I guess I got grumpy over that too. :P
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