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I finished Smallville S4.

All I can say is...wow. I gave that show a chance, and it even had Jensen, and it was still *terrible*. Even the Jensen parts. Because basically it was all a lie. Or something. I don’t even know. It was just TERRIBLE. The characters can’t even keep their stories straight, especially not Jason. What the fuck even just happened?

It ended on a *cliffie* oooooooh... I will not be bothering.

I really can’t believe this thing ran for 10 years but I guess such is the power of the Superman franchise.

Now if only I felt like I could write today. I will probably put in an hour with Write or Die, just to keep taking the fic in the direction it is supposed to go, but something is off about my main plan. Argh. Oh well, a draft is a draft, right?
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Stalled on the bunny not because I can’t write but because I’m not sure my plan is gonna hold together. The first 2/3 of the story rock. Sprinting toward the end has made me realize I am sprinting toward the end and I’m not sure it is a good thing. :P

So right now I am taking a break and watching Smallville. I am going to rename this show to The Show Of Extremely Dubious Consent, because there has been ONE episode in all the ones I have watched which DIDN’T in some way have a dub-con theme. People having sex when they are on some form of meteor rock cocktail. People doing things against their character, then finding themselves in random places without memory of what they’ve done. It happens over and over and over and over again. Which leads me to the following specific Jason Teague spoiler.

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I think what this means is I can never complain about writing on Supernatural again. This show uses THE SAME GIMMICK EVERY WEEK with an overabundance of CGI shiny colors, and it is creepybad.

Don’t get me started on the relationships portrayed either. ”Oh, I lied to you.” ”Which time?” ”But it was because I LOVE you so much.” ”...Oh.” *cuddling*

...Ugh. What the fuck, Jason Teague. Dude, I don’t even know what’s going on with you and you’re the one I’m watching closest. DID YOUR MOTHER FEED YOU KRYPTONITE OR SOMETHING? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? And it is only going to get worse.

On the other hand, the best thing about Smallville is actually Lois. She is the Dean! She can drink anyone under the table! She can beat people up like crazy! She raised her wee sister! She was underappreciated while being assumed to be the favorite! SHE IS THE DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAN. I actually like her! I suddenly no longer get irritated at the idea of Clark marrying her. I mean, she is THE DEAN.

Okay, so it is an archetype, but it is one I really love. You all might have noticed.

Dear Gods, don’t let me get sucked into the Amazing Dub Con show... any more than I am right now. :P

Executive Decision: After thinking about it some more and needing some kind of recourse after this amazing dub con ride, I have decided to watch Dollhouse. It is probably ALSO a Dub-con-y show, in fact that is why I stopped watching it before, but it also strikes me as having themes similar to Dark Angel and I am intrigued enough to at least give it a second try. Also, again, it will be short.
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I am wearing my Italy shirt, listening to the Tekkon Kinkreet main theme, and talking to my best friend while working on busting through the 2000-word mark on Ben Bunny Of Unknown Titleage. (It is really close. I am within 100 words of it. Wrote 666 words today, lol.)

Oh, as a bonus, I watched the SPN pilot and Wendigo yesterday with a new friend (who bugged ME about it for a change), and today she called and asked me where she could find more episodes on cable so she could tell her friends.

She also said of Wendigo, when they got to the part where they found the M&Ms, ”That’s because Dean is smart. He let himself get caught.” Which actually floored me. I have probably seen Wendigo at least 10 times (I recruit--and I watch with the recruits when I can--it’s what I do), and I have never actually thought that Dean got caught on purpose. What do you guys think?

...I bet you I am helping forge a Dean-girl. LOL.

*will not be bitter about not getting to do this with Cran*

Anyway, yeah. Today is good.

P.S.: Oh, God, Jason Teague. You and your TRAGIC PAST. And your LYING. Stop it, stop it right NOW. You aren’t supposed to remind me of DEAN. But then...there are things that don’t remind me of Dean? Hrm. Not really. (I watched an episode of Smallville today. Interesting concept for once, instead of just an excuse for dub or non-con. Still weird execution though. Eh.)
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First of all, I found this amazing, amazing fic. It has Ben. It is amazing. It almost, almost took away my will to write my silly Ben bunny because it is SO GOOD and I just don’t write that well anymore. I will never approach this much awesome. I actually stopped reading it because it was tempting me to change the bunny a lot and things... that I can’t really pull off on my own. But it was AMAZING so I have to rec it even if it will mean people drawing comparisons and finding me lacking, le sigh.

Tasted Blood.


I really hate this show.

Of interest: Smallville 4.09 and The Berrisford Agenda (one of Jensen’s episodes of DA) used the same piano piece. WHAT PIANO PIECE IS THIS? Damn you, Smallville, stop taking the magic away from good things!

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Okay, I can’t make polls on DW and I am not going to make two separate entries for this.

I am pondering my next TV watching endeavor. I finished Dark Angel (admittedly not hard, except I did it backwards with seemingly all the good eps already under my belt, but whatever, it is done!) I am doing Smallville sloooooowly although I might binge again at some point. I am PROBABLY not going back to White Collar. I just find it too... I don’t even know. I don’t need any more manpain in my life.

So that said, should I:

- Watch all the Dean episodes of Gilmore Girls to watch the full arc that convinced me within like 3 episodes that Jared needed a better role in something

- Watch all the Adrienne Palicki episodes of Friday Night Lights (I know nothing about this show except it has FOOTBALL and one of the main characters gets a spinal cord injury and then milks it for the rest of the show.) JASON TEAGUE MADE ME CRAVE FOOTBALL.

- Finally watch Devour and House of Wax, then report back and ask you what I should watch after THAT. (I have already seen Friday the 13th, My Bloody Valentine, Christmas Cottage, Cry Wolf and Ten Inch Hero. FWIW my favorite was MBV.)

- Some other ridiculously good show that I can’t think of because before SPN I wasn’t a TV watcher.

- Some other ridiculously good movie ...

The only thing I KNOW I don’t have brain for is getting into Doctor Who at this late stage of my life. Heh. Scifi is just generally not my thing.

Any thoughts?

ETA: I am watching Devour with [livejournal.com profile] kalliel tonight. Did you know you can stream it on Netflix? I was not aware!

I’mma still need to watch something else, so please feel free to suggest.
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Ew. I really hated that episode. Non-con all over the place. And Lex got Jason fired for mysterious reasons. Nothing else to really say. But I thought I would post about it to warn you guys you may want to skip the ep.

Also, Chloe always being the one vulnerable to every new plot twist is really getting annoying. WHAT SHOULD WE DO? THREATEN CHLOE. :P
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Heeeeeeeeeee. My little bro and I are now making our way through the Jensen eps of DA. His exact words re: Pollo Loco were: Yeah, Dean made that episode. LOL. JENSEN CANNOT ESCAPE IT, HE IS DEAN FOREVER AND EVER.

I hope we get to The Berrisford Agenda. He has tomorrow off and we would only have to watch 9 episodes (yeah, that’ll happen.) Anyway, if we don’t get to it I will find some way to leave him the .avi file.

I got a really cool birthday present from my parentals recently going to Italy (all three of my parentals willl be there this summer, actually. Mom and stepdad just got back, Dad is there for his usual yearly trip as of tomorrow. He makes really good money playing cello in the streets there.) Anyway, it is this shirt that says, How are you feeling today? and then has a whole ton of little faces with the Italian words for feelings underneath them. I LOVE it.

My other birthday present was enough cash to cover most of my con ticket, and some more cash from my parentals. I now have enough money to buy Dark Angel and even season 5 of SPN if I wanted to (I don’t really want to.)

I am no longer ahead of anyone in Smallville episodes. All I have for Transference is the following:

#1: Ew, seriously? What is it with this show and men groping all over women’s faces...

#2: Aw, I totally wanted football scholarship Clark. Maybe I need to finally crack and watch Friday Night Lights already. There is just enough football on the show now that it makes me jones for more.

Tomorrow I will move on in episodes. I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS. I LOVE JASON TEAGUE NOW. Just enough for it to suck when they cause all the crazy and take him away.
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Dear gods. I was lucky if I got 2 hours of sleep. Today is going to be a disaster.

[livejournal.com profile] tahirire wrote me birthday fic! This is the happy shiny version. I hear she has another bunny which probably is not the happy shiny version. But here are tiny boys on summer vacation doing extracurriculars. :D


I have made an executive decision. The following commentary always applies re: Smallville:


#2: I will not write crappy fix-it fic about this poor character.

#3: ... Seriously? Who watched this show for ten years? TEN. YEARS.


I am not sure, given the content of the posts, that it pays off to keep spamming you with this stuff, but it does make me feel better to know other people are watching it.

I may chicken out on Gilmore Girls. Certain points have been made that remind me of how I hate every single boyfriend and just wanted Jared to get a better role the entire time. Seriously, everything I thought whenever I saw him was: this person deserves better.


At least he got a better role.

Exhausted beyond belief.
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So aparrently the ass-crack of dawn is when I make Smallville posts. Mostly.

Dear body,
Didn’t you know this was a day we could have legitimately slept in? *sigh*

I will be spending my birthday at a wake. This is not helping.


Actually, while you are all watching Jason Imma totally use the fact that I am ahead of people to have an excuse to watch Dark Angel season 1. I have a DA fic project that I am trying to make headway on in the next two weeks because arbitrary due dates might help. We shall see.

ONWARD, mysterious project thingie!

(I should start downloading the million episodes of Gilmore Girls for my next endeavor. The Where-the-hell-is-Dean,-needs-more-Dean show. I dunno if I am going to be able to watch it anymore. I cannot stand the other boyfriends. We shall see.)

5 things on Smallville under the cut.
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Song in my head is actually strangely appropriate for Under the Space Needle. Road Movie to Berlin lyrics.
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More Smallville. The things I will do....

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So I have heard from my fangirl friends that it seems that the Cas fans are just happy when he is on screen even if what they give Cas to do is crap? And I kinda felt that way about this episode. Not that what they gave Jensen to do is crap, far from it. But I just watched 39 minutes of crap to get to 1 minute of EPIC AWESOME and I REGRET NOTHING.

Well, actually, yes, I do. But not about watching that episode.
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Okay, for serious, [livejournal.com profile] radiumgirl, [livejournal.com profile] kalliel and I are starting up watching Smallville season 4 really soon now!


Jensen goes crazy.

I have recently discovered this is my favorite thing in the universe, so I want to see it happen again. Only there is too much Tom Welling involved so I had to rope in other fangirls.

If you want to join in on the mass insanity, I can provide you with torrent or streaming links. We do not have a start date yet, but we are serious business about this so it is going to happen. ;) Any other takers?

Remember: I will probably be spamming LJ for a few entries with snarky commentary on Welling-land, so if you are either a for real fan of Smallville or you just want to watch the snark then please feel free to stand back. ;)

DA 2.17-21

Jun. 27th, 2011 07:35 am
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Otherwise known as my last post on this. ;)

No worries, by the way, I may do this for Smallville (please to expect more snark) but no way in hell would I spam you through 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls.

Okay, maybe a little spam. But definitely not episode by episode. ;)
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Good morning!

In semi-related news, I done sold a copy of Gilmore Girls in its entirety to a friend of mine two days ago. He is writing an RPG with a female protagonist and antagonist and he wants to get it right so he is acquiring female-positive media and I told him he had to see That Damn Donna Reed (I think that’s the title.)

Note: I didn’t sell my copy (I never had a copy), but he swore up and down he was buying one. Something about being allergic to renting (short version), the way I am allergic to library books (literally and figuratively).

Fox doesn’t do things by halves. At all.

He is also buying Tekkon Kinkreet at the same time. I WANT HIS REVIEWS.

Moving on. Dark Angel.

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So I am figuring out logistics for this crazy plan [livejournal.com profile] radiumgirl and I have to watch Smallville season 4 to see Jensen playing Jason Teague. One person tells me Jason Teague turns batshit and evil, another person tells me Lana turns batshit and evil and kills Jason. Personally I am all about evil!Jensen especially after seeing BEN, OH MY GOD CAN I KEEP HIM IN MY POCKET FOREVER? He wouldn’t kill me, he only puts his barcode on dudes, duh.

Okay, so yeah, here is my plan:

June 24+ (ongoing): Figure out how the hell to reliably stream TV episodes already.

Figure out a date with Radiumgirl and start watching Smallville. If I am limited to one episode a day via megavideo I guess I can deal with that. I mean, it’s Smallville. How much of it can I really take?

June 26-ish: I should have most of Dark Angel via downloads.

July 5 (birthday): Buy Dark Angel. (See? Pirating is not evil.)

Once I finish Smallville, then I will be free to go in the wayback machine and start Gilmore Girls again. So I think, realistically, I will probably be watching it when con rolls around. BUT I will still refrain from goofy Gilmore Girls questions. I would say he has probably gotten them all already, but actually, the Gilmore Girls crowd and the SPN crowd don’t have a terrible amount of overlap, my theory on this being that SPN people don’t want to watch a duo show about chicks, women’s rights, and disposable boy toys.

I am going to give it a try, however, although I deeply suspect I will be skipping a lot of episodes and I cannot promise even myself that I will get through the last season, since THEY DESTROYED DEAN but whatever, man. So yeah. I am gearing up for it. Sookie! Jackson! Lane! Get back in my life! (I was going to list Lorelei but then I remembered all she does is kick man after man after man to the curb and that just gets tiring. But Lane and Sookie are so awesome you guys!

Somewhere in there I will continue to catch up on White Collar, but at the rate I am going with it I will probably also be watching season 3 in downloads, NOT on time with you guys who turned me onto the show. Oh man, and there is Castle. When am I EVER going to catch up on Castle?

But back to Gilmore girls for a second. Was just thinking how I love all the secondary characters. Well, okay, most of them. I used to like Rory a lot more, too, in my high school and college days, but being a bookworm almost to her level actually never helped me much the second I got out of college, soooo... yeah. She is less interesting now.

Man, that show had a full seven seasons, I dunno if I can take all the fast talking.

Before fandom I watched no TV. Like, none. Zero. :P Well okay, I watched season 1 of Gilmore Girls, pretty much. :P

I used to be a huge movie dork, did a lot of movie watching for my independent projects in college (I once wrote a paper on disability in film for which I watched about 4 movies per weekend for about two months to get the paper done. Movies are my poison. :P)
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Tell me about the good place.
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Okay, guys, I need help. I am trying to watch the Ben episode(s) of Dark Angel (I think there is just one, in season one) but everywhere I go there are weird title mixups (one title, different one each time, always repeats somewhere in the list of episodes) so I am like one episode off no matter what I do. WHERE THE HELL IS THE BEN EPISODE?

In other news, hunter!Jess needs a lot more THINGS in it. So it will take some time.

In other other news, I miss Dean. A lot.

Le sigh.
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This just in: Apparently it has become obvious to other people in the world that I am exceedingly cheap. (In fact, Gabriel used to call me the cheapest person he knew. But he is not other people.)

That’s okay, I feel that I am in good company in my cheapness. Although sometimes I do wish my dad and I hadn’t learned this skill quite so well. But IT IS OKAY. I REGRET NOTHING.

Additional episodes of White Collar are eluding me. Torrenting problems. So much for catching up so I could watch season 3 with the other fans. Maybe if I keep going at this rate I will have 2.06 in like 3 weeks.

Don’t even ask. I hate torrenting, and my ISP, so very much.

I had entertained the idea of finally, FINALLY watching all of Gilmore Girls (The Rotating Boy Toy Show as it is now called in my head) and/or catching up with Castle this hiatus. Castle I might be able to manage. Gilmore Girls would be me being highly ambitious. Heh.

Now I have the silly music in my head though. And don’t even get me started on my crush on Lauren Graham.

Yeah. I might try it. I have all summer, right? Well, 2 months or something.

Guess who is my favorite?

I promise not to ask him about Gilmore Girls at con. (Actually, I am astounded by people who can get up to the mike and just ask a question like the mere presences in the room aren’t like actively melting their brains. I DID almost ask Richard a question but I could never, EVER do it during J2 time. Ever.)

Eeee, con!
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So first of all it should be noted that everything ever related to this is [personal profile] bientot’s fault.

But I have been watching White Collar for the past week or so, sloooooowly.

My first assertion was that I like Castle better. And I gave up on Castle. (Not their fault, entirely mine. I don’t really do television that well.) But my second assertion is that I LOVE Mozzie and Neal. Every episode Mozzie just kicks so much ass and is such a dork and in general gets a smile on my face, which is quite a feat lately.

I am not gonna say I am hooked, but I AM downloading season 2, which I didn’t plan on doing before yesterday.

I wonder if I could go back to Castle too. I dunno. It might hit close to home with the writer stuff these days (because while I still write... I am really a hack anymore).

I am enjoying the pacing and the continuity of the show. It is really good stuff. Looking forward to season 2, even though I am still in the last third of season 1.

On the surface, another crime show, but the four main characters really sell it for me. :)


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