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#1: Wow. Dreamwidth continues to totally own. I can now post entries without quote marks in all the links and when DW posts them over on LJ all the quotes will be filled in, but they just ARE NOT NECESSARY over on DW, because DW is super smart and the battle with my quote key need not go on! Heh.

So much win.

#2: Verdict: I really only want to write one fic as an alternate, and that would be the Sam-rescues-Dean fic. I think once I do that this whole thing will be out of my sytem. I can treat it as an outtake or I can post it as an alternate scene. Still pondering that one. If you have any opinion whatsoever feel free to leave it in the comments.

Okay... time to try getting more sleep, as I randomly woke up an hour ago (2 AM. My timezone seems to be screwed up on DW sometimes. I remember going through this with LJ too. It seems kind of random. Although this entry has the right time on it. Hrm.)
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So... admittedly I have a lot of time on my hands these days, but I suffer from little patience. As someone who once trashed a website I was pretty invested in because of the chore of misinformed emails I was getting (try as I might, I was not a corporation with limitless funds with which to appease the demands of my website followers, for instance), I am making a general post, a read-this-first.

This should probably go on one of my existing sticky posts but eh... I like sticky posts and I am making a new one. ;)

There are two main requests I am now getting on a regular basis.

On friending

#1: No, I am not friending back at this time. You are completely welcome to friend me. A lot of people seem to be doing this of late, and I assume it is for my Of Dreams and Demons verse, which is enjoying a quiet popularity. 90% of my fandom-related posts are now public. I do not need to friend you back in order for you to see anything. I am not friending back cause it is kind of redundant... Right now I just don’t feel like the small number of flocked posts I make add anything in particular to the journal anymore. (Hell, most of the time when I make a locked post, it is a mistake. ;) )

Have no fear that you are missing much... you really are not.

And TBH my friends page is now so bloated with communities that it is faster and easier for me to check people’s journals directly for stuff like reaction posts... so that is how I do it these days.

On Writing

#2: On what I am writing: Wincest. I do not write it anymore. Even when I did, 90% of my writing was gen. I have only a few Wincest works. Hell, even the timestamps to my Wincest big bang are gen.

Why is this? Well, because I could only justify Wincest to myself in the earlier seasons. And now, the more I watch, the more I can’t justify it to myself anymore. Please understand, I do still ship it (and Sam/Dean will always be my OTP.) I will always love the Wincest fics that got me through my early days of fandom, but I have always had only a limited talent for writing it. My strength has always been gen. Was I good at it back in the day? Maybe. But I do not have two sticks to rub together when it comes to Wincest after 3.16. Most of the time I find it extraneous.

If you really want to read my Wincest, well, it is not leaving the master post. Feel free to go to town with what is already there. There will be no more. Sam and Dean will always be my OTP, because I can’t undo my formative year or so in fandom, but this LJ is now Wincest-free.

What can I say... I wrote Armaments and I spent a year of my life in that verse. I guess I feel mostly like I got it out of my system. This is not going to change. Does it mean I am a less popular writer in fandom? Hell, yeah. I notice that. But I am knee deep in ODAD verse and it makes me happy and it is my baby so to speak and that is what I write now.

So yeah. I will always like the fics of mine that did have a Wincesty feel... I cannot unship this ship. So go ahead... Read what is there. Read Armaments. It took a year of my life, and it has my favorite Sam ever. (My favorite Dean is ODAD Dean. Will always be ODAD Dean. I love him more than canon Dean. I love him like air.) Before you come back and ask for more Wincest, read what is already there. I won’t be writing any more of it for a couple of reasons that are generally personal. I wish I could get into a full meta about it but I haven’t got the brainpower or the patience... so. I don’t write it anymore. I sort of wish I still could, but I just cannot bring my brain to the places it used to go re: Sam and Dean. Even when I really want to sink my teeth into a good first-time fic I tend to have trouble these days. It is sad. :/

ETA: FWIW, this is just a personal choice and is not meant to lay judgment on anyone else who ships or doesn’t ship what they ship. Maybe it will scare away certain people... I don’t mean for it to do that, but I also can’t help how I feel... so... yeah.

There we go. *makes this a sticky later*
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Title: Summer
Genre: Gen, future-ish fic, wee!chesters
Characters: Dean, Sam
Rating: PG
Spoilers: General S4, 3.08 (AVSC)
Length: ~500 words.
Summary: Dean in a grey, grey room on the edge of somewhere, and alone.
Notes: Speculation-driven. For [livejournal.com profile] tahirire. I'm 95% spoiler-free, please keep me that way! (Spoilers in comments make me sad!) Yes this is weird, twisty fic. :)


Dean doesn't know the last time he ate. Or slept. )
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So I haven't meta'd on Show in many moons. Not since 4.01, IIRC. Also, I haven't slept, really. This episode got to me and had me kind of grumpy and I needed to make some kind of sense of it. These are my 5-AM ramblings and I don't expect them to be of any consequence. I'm just going to babble now.

EDIT: The bulk of this was written last night... Edited some this afternoon and either cleared up some things or made it much worse. Heh. So... I dunno. It's a bit all over the place, but maybe it'll ring true for someone.

Read on for some thinky thoughts from an admittedly biased source. )
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