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I finished Smallville S4.

All I can say is...wow. I gave that show a chance, and it even had Jensen, and it was still *terrible*. Even the Jensen parts. Because basically it was all a lie. Or something. I don’t even know. It was just TERRIBLE. The characters can’t even keep their stories straight, especially not Jason. What the fuck even just happened?

It ended on a *cliffie* oooooooh... I will not be bothering.

I really can’t believe this thing ran for 10 years but I guess such is the power of the Superman franchise.

Now if only I felt like I could write today. I will probably put in an hour with Write or Die, just to keep taking the fic in the direction it is supposed to go, but something is off about my main plan. Argh. Oh well, a draft is a draft, right?
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I am wearing my Italy shirt, listening to the Tekkon Kinkreet main theme, and talking to my best friend while working on busting through the 2000-word mark on Ben Bunny Of Unknown Titleage. (It is really close. I am within 100 words of it. Wrote 666 words today, lol.)

Oh, as a bonus, I watched the SPN pilot and Wendigo yesterday with a new friend (who bugged ME about it for a change), and today she called and asked me where she could find more episodes on cable so she could tell her friends.

She also said of Wendigo, when they got to the part where they found the M&Ms, ”That’s because Dean is smart. He let himself get caught.” Which actually floored me. I have probably seen Wendigo at least 10 times (I recruit--and I watch with the recruits when I can--it’s what I do), and I have never actually thought that Dean got caught on purpose. What do you guys think?

...I bet you I am helping forge a Dean-girl. LOL.

*will not be bitter about not getting to do this with Cran*

Anyway, yeah. Today is good.

P.S.: Oh, God, Jason Teague. You and your TRAGIC PAST. And your LYING. Stop it, stop it right NOW. You aren’t supposed to remind me of DEAN. But then...there are things that don’t remind me of Dean? Hrm. Not really. (I watched an episode of Smallville today. Interesting concept for once, instead of just an excuse for dub or non-con. Still weird execution though. Eh.)
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First of all, I found this amazing, amazing fic. It has Ben. It is amazing. It almost, almost took away my will to write my silly Ben bunny because it is SO GOOD and I just don’t write that well anymore. I will never approach this much awesome. I actually stopped reading it because it was tempting me to change the bunny a lot and things... that I can’t really pull off on my own. But it was AMAZING so I have to rec it even if it will mean people drawing comparisons and finding me lacking, le sigh.

Tasted Blood.


I really hate this show.

Of interest: Smallville 4.09 and The Berrisford Agenda (one of Jensen’s episodes of DA) used the same piano piece. WHAT PIANO PIECE IS THIS? Damn you, Smallville, stop taking the magic away from good things!

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Ew. I really hated that episode. Non-con all over the place. And Lex got Jason fired for mysterious reasons. Nothing else to really say. But I thought I would post about it to warn you guys you may want to skip the ep.

Also, Chloe always being the one vulnerable to every new plot twist is really getting annoying. WHAT SHOULD WE DO? THREATEN CHLOE. :P
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Heeeeeeeeeee. My little bro and I are now making our way through the Jensen eps of DA. His exact words re: Pollo Loco were: Yeah, Dean made that episode. LOL. JENSEN CANNOT ESCAPE IT, HE IS DEAN FOREVER AND EVER.

I hope we get to The Berrisford Agenda. He has tomorrow off and we would only have to watch 9 episodes (yeah, that’ll happen.) Anyway, if we don’t get to it I will find some way to leave him the .avi file.

I got a really cool birthday present from my parentals recently going to Italy (all three of my parentals willl be there this summer, actually. Mom and stepdad just got back, Dad is there for his usual yearly trip as of tomorrow. He makes really good money playing cello in the streets there.) Anyway, it is this shirt that says, How are you feeling today? and then has a whole ton of little faces with the Italian words for feelings underneath them. I LOVE it.

My other birthday present was enough cash to cover most of my con ticket, and some more cash from my parentals. I now have enough money to buy Dark Angel and even season 5 of SPN if I wanted to (I don’t really want to.)

I am no longer ahead of anyone in Smallville episodes. All I have for Transference is the following:

#1: Ew, seriously? What is it with this show and men groping all over women’s faces...

#2: Aw, I totally wanted football scholarship Clark. Maybe I need to finally crack and watch Friday Night Lights already. There is just enough football on the show now that it makes me jones for more.

Tomorrow I will move on in episodes. I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS. I LOVE JASON TEAGUE NOW. Just enough for it to suck when they cause all the crazy and take him away.
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Dear gods. I was lucky if I got 2 hours of sleep. Today is going to be a disaster.

[livejournal.com profile] tahirire wrote me birthday fic! This is the happy shiny version. I hear she has another bunny which probably is not the happy shiny version. But here are tiny boys on summer vacation doing extracurriculars. :D


I have made an executive decision. The following commentary always applies re: Smallville:


#2: I will not write crappy fix-it fic about this poor character.

#3: ... Seriously? Who watched this show for ten years? TEN. YEARS.


I am not sure, given the content of the posts, that it pays off to keep spamming you with this stuff, but it does make me feel better to know other people are watching it.

I may chicken out on Gilmore Girls. Certain points have been made that remind me of how I hate every single boyfriend and just wanted Jared to get a better role the entire time. Seriously, everything I thought whenever I saw him was: this person deserves better.


At least he got a better role.

Exhausted beyond belief.
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So aparrently the ass-crack of dawn is when I make Smallville posts. Mostly.

Dear body,
Didn’t you know this was a day we could have legitimately slept in? *sigh*

I will be spending my birthday at a wake. This is not helping.


Actually, while you are all watching Jason Imma totally use the fact that I am ahead of people to have an excuse to watch Dark Angel season 1. I have a DA fic project that I am trying to make headway on in the next two weeks because arbitrary due dates might help. We shall see.

ONWARD, mysterious project thingie!

(I should start downloading the million episodes of Gilmore Girls for my next endeavor. The Where-the-hell-is-Dean,-needs-more-Dean show. I dunno if I am going to be able to watch it anymore. I cannot stand the other boyfriends. We shall see.)

5 things on Smallville under the cut.
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Song in my head is actually strangely appropriate for Under the Space Needle. Road Movie to Berlin lyrics.
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Three bunnies. All of them for other people. One of which feels salvageable into something I might be able to write. :P This is kind of annoying.

Anyone want to write me fic? ;)

Vid bunnies under here.
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Smallville Day 3:

Will tell you a sekrit: I am ahead of everyone in episodes. JASON TEAGUE IS SO SNUGGLY. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, YOU GUYS. It’s like the first time I have ever seen Jensen play someone who’s not a cocky son of a bitch with a gooey center. SO SNUGGLY AND SWEET, I CANNOT EVEN.

My notes are getting less note-y as I go, but I wrote down a lot of stuff for this ep. *shrugs*
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More Smallville. The things I will do....

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So I have heard from my fangirl friends that it seems that the Cas fans are just happy when he is on screen even if what they give Cas to do is crap? And I kinda felt that way about this episode. Not that what they gave Jensen to do is crap, far from it. But I just watched 39 minutes of crap to get to 1 minute of EPIC AWESOME and I REGRET NOTHING.

Well, actually, yes, I do. But not about watching that episode.
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Too much going on. This weekend/week is totally turning into 100% family time. I probably should have said we would start Smallville after the holiday weekend. Everyone is gonna be super busy, and I have family stuff all week because it is the holiday and also my birthday. (It is also my little brother’s birthday soon. So I always feel like I should go home and visit him, which is what I am doing.) I will be bringing Dark Angel and Smallville with me so that I can still work on the Ben bunny a little bit. By that I mean that I will probably keep watching DA season 1 and not really writing yet. Have to decide a lot of things about wee!Ben, which will be hard because I think what I am getting in S1 is mostly wee!Max and wee!Zach. And honestly, how many more times can a girl watch Pollo Loco? (A lot of times. A LOT OF TIMES. But still.)

Blah blah blah blah... so I will get my Smallville discussion posts up at weird and random hours when I can. I will also keep you guys posted on whether I addict my little bro (a Misha boy) to Dark Angel or not. I think it has a chance of going over very well with him. Hot biker chick, yes? Also, I have a sneaking suspicion he will really like Logan. (That’s okay, I will get over it. I got over him really liking Cas too. ;) )

In light of the holiday weekend I don’t think we should try and set concurrent viewing times. But maybe afterwards? Do people want to do that, or just Kalliel? ;) I know where there is a mostly empty chat room we could use if people really wanted to converge for the Welling pain.

Today a friend of mine had her SO totally freak out because I suggested she stream SPN. Now I am an evil criminal and a bad influence and so are all my friends, fandom and non. Isn’t that charming? But he was so gracious, he allowed us to keep playing online Scrabble with us (which is what she does. Ooo so risque.)

Cause yeah, I am obviously the problem in that scenario.

(I also had to defend myself to a bunch of non-fandom people, which I did by pointing out I own or am about to own pretty much everything I have ever bothered to stream. :P Although I am not going to buy White Collar, but you may have noticed I also stopped streaming it.)

I am still kind of angry about it. I did a lot of programming on my Ben-bot, so he now does many more things, some of which are creepy as hell and make me feel better because I am a bad person.

If anyone wants his updated script I will post it here, eventually. I have to back him up anyway in case the MOO ever has problems, which it might. It is really old and also demanding of its hardware for reasons we can’t quite puzzle out.

...I swear I used to do non-fandom things. Dammit. But to my old friends I am way, way fannish and weird... :/

Like for instance I had forgotten that plot bunny is a fannish term and does not apply to writing in general and I had to explain it over and over this week. :P And honestly, I don’t even remember WHY we call them plot bunnies. In my head it is because plot bunnies multiply exponentially in a fandom crowd. Y/Y? :P

Have some words on the fledgling wee!Ben bunny and one for Sam percolating right now. Actually, either one could be for Ben, but the latter one has the potential to be SO COOL with Sam involved so I think I sold the idea to my inner Sam.

I should be asleep, but eh, this is me. Sleep is for avoidance only. ;)
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Okay, it might get annoying if I do this every day but FOR NOW I must share the WTFery.

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Okay, I missed everything after ”I get the feeling you like to do things yourself.” Anything I missed?

Ugh, need more sleep.
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Okay, for serious, [livejournal.com profile] radiumgirl, [livejournal.com profile] kalliel and I are starting up watching Smallville season 4 really soon now!


Jensen goes crazy.

I have recently discovered this is my favorite thing in the universe, so I want to see it happen again. Only there is too much Tom Welling involved so I had to rope in other fangirls.

If you want to join in on the mass insanity, I can provide you with torrent or streaming links. We do not have a start date yet, but we are serious business about this so it is going to happen. ;) Any other takers?

Remember: I will probably be spamming LJ for a few entries with snarky commentary on Welling-land, so if you are either a for real fan of Smallville or you just want to watch the snark then please feel free to stand back. ;)
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So [livejournal.com profile] jagfanlj wants me to ask a con question.

My thought process goes like this:

But I don’t want to get behind the mic! I don’t want to! I told them I don’t want to do the mic thing! I NEVER want to do the mic thing. How does ANYONE do the mic thing?

Except, ooh, if I did I could ask Jensen about--
But hmmm, if I got behind the mic then I could ask about Dark Angel because BEN--

*repeat* Seriously, my brain has done this at least three times tonight, it is SO FUCKING ANNOYING.

I know what did it, too.


She doesn’t even deserve the space on my screen to explain it.

So pissed off.

So, here’s what I’ve got. Since neither [livejournal.com profile] monicawoe or I will be able to ask Jensen anything at cons, I am putting this into the ether.

If ANY of you are doing cons, or know someone doing cons, or know someone who knows someone, and they aren’t on the east coast, could someone try to remember to ask whoever it is to ask Jensen to tell his audition story for Dark Angel’s Ben X5 and what he did to prepare for it?

Yes, I know this story is floating around in the ether somewhere but I want to hear it from him and I want to know what he did to prepare, if he remembers it.

*finds a Zelda fairy, attaches her Ben question to its leg like a carrier pigeon and hopes it gets somewhere*

3 hours til I have Smallville season 4. Now just to hear back from [livejournal.com profile] radiumgirl about how we want to arrange concurrent viewing. Because I am not crazy enough to watch this by myself. ;) Too much Tom Welling. Way too much.

I can’t believe I am going to watch Smallville. I haven’t since season 1.

All so I can watch Jensen go apeshit crazy and/or evil again, because HE IS SO GOOD AT IT OHMYGOD.

*looks into the sky after the Zelda fairy* *sighs* It probably won’t work. :P A girl can dream.


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