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So it was a good thing I went to check on my Amazon order of Dark Angel.

See, I have an alternate address where a lot of my spam ends up going to. I send my Amazon orders there because Amazon is a spammy company (IMO). Anyway, my order went to that address and I went to check on it and it was canceled due to the item being out of stock with the third party seller. So I went back and found new third party people and ended up ordering the seasons separately. Plus I threw in the SPN anime (Hi, Jared, you totally sold me on it, just so you know. ;) ANIME SAM FOR THE WIN.). I got all three for $52. And if they cancel these ones A) I will probably still get at least one of the two sets, and B) there are plenty more third party sellers where those came from.

I ALMOST bought the soundtrack to Tekkon Kinkreet in light of what I was saving, but for the second time it was too rich for my blood (It is an import, and boy can you tell.).

In other news, I think it is official. I am totally on a Dark Angel bender. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS AMAZINGNESS?! WHY HADN’T I SEEN IT BEFORE SF-CON?! God DAMMIT. Why do I not have magic psychic powers that would have let me know to INHALE this series so I could ask Jensen a bunch of questions and take up time so that little fandom bitches who complain about their hair didn’t get to waste time at the mic?


So whatever, I wasn’t going to write in DA, but then there was BEN. and Rachel Berrisford. And torture and psy-ops and brainwashing and children with shaven heads, and now I am on my second bunny which is turning epic, and I have a third bunny thanks to SPN-bitesized READING MY MIND (or maybe just my Dreamwidth) and I better be done with this bender by August 7 when I see Jared, because I feel like I am cheating on my first loves right now. LOL.

But ahhhhhhh.... Ben! Syl! Zack! Tinga! Case! (LOL a boy named Case. Whatever, it is a weird dystopian future, people named Box are totally allowed.) I still hate Max and Logan.

Also, my dear [livejournal.com profile] monicawoe, who encourages all my crazy fic dreams and prompts me for psychic!Dean just when I need her to, got to ask Jared a question today because she has BALLS OF STEEL (I could never do it.) Her report is here.

Have I mentioned how much fun I am having with this bunny I am writing? And how I just want to roll around inside of it forever? And how I will be saddened when you all see it because I can never go back into how cool writing this has been? And how in general THIS IS AMAZING? Because yeah. Writing is amazing. It is why I live. Ahhhh.

I don’t even care if no one reads it. I am breathing life into it, and that’s what’s important. :) It can belong to you guys later.
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This just in: Apparently it has become obvious to other people in the world that I am exceedingly cheap. (In fact, Gabriel used to call me the cheapest person he knew. But he is not other people.)

That’s okay, I feel that I am in good company in my cheapness. Although sometimes I do wish my dad and I hadn’t learned this skill quite so well. But IT IS OKAY. I REGRET NOTHING.

Additional episodes of White Collar are eluding me. Torrenting problems. So much for catching up so I could watch season 3 with the other fans. Maybe if I keep going at this rate I will have 2.06 in like 3 weeks.

Don’t even ask. I hate torrenting, and my ISP, so very much.

I had entertained the idea of finally, FINALLY watching all of Gilmore Girls (The Rotating Boy Toy Show as it is now called in my head) and/or catching up with Castle this hiatus. Castle I might be able to manage. Gilmore Girls would be me being highly ambitious. Heh.

Now I have the silly music in my head though. And don’t even get me started on my crush on Lauren Graham.

Yeah. I might try it. I have all summer, right? Well, 2 months or something.

Guess who is my favorite?

I promise not to ask him about Gilmore Girls at con. (Actually, I am astounded by people who can get up to the mike and just ask a question like the mere presences in the room aren’t like actively melting their brains. I DID almost ask Richard a question but I could never, EVER do it during J2 time. Ever.)

Eeee, con!


Jun. 12th, 2011 01:54 am
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More fun on the MOO.

samidha (to Cran): Do you work in a frame/photography store?

Cran nods vigorously in agreement with your ideas.

samidha: I need some frames. Do you do online business? I dont know anything about frames at all, you could give me some advice. Even if I cant order from you

Cran: At your service! :)

samidha: I have 3 8x10 photos from my con. The prints of what you saw.

Cran: I could send you something if you need it. But there's likely to be a Michaels nearby.

samidha: oh, thats right, a Michaels :)

Cran nods at you.

Cran grins.

samidha: I bet they also do web orders at a centralized site

Cran: Get them custom framed in Estate Collection frames, UV-protective Masterpiece Glass and triple-4" mats.

Cran grins.

samidha will try to pay it forward in their direction

Cran: That would be like a $500 frame ;)

You grin at Cran.

samidha: I love the guys, but I dont think that I will go that far

Cran: You don't love them enough!
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Finally unpacked my actual physical pictures from SF con. My case manager saw them and went: O.O Who are they? I am totally jealous that you got to MEET THEM.

Doesn’t even know who they are.

Magic powers, I tell you. Magic powers.

Now that they are unpacked, I want them on my walls SO HARDCORE. God, so much gorgeousness.

Dear J2,

You are magical.


Purchase of the month: FRAMES. Then I can make her have an attack of lust any time she comes by. Hahahaha!
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So now that I have been to a con, I cannot say that I regret doing it, but when I was looking around I was kind of baffled, particularly by the dealer room. Here would be part of why:

(This info is all related to LA con, I think, but it holds true for what was going on in SF.)
Read more... )

My SF pics

Feb. 8th, 2011 10:11 pm
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1 Jared, 1 Jensen, 1 J2, fullsize )

And there you have it. In which I am a hag and Jared glows and Jensen exudes magic powers of awesome.

ETA: I will probably hide these in a friendslock in a couple days.


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