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Title: Cat and Mouse
Characters: Alastair, Dean
Genre: Gen
Rating: R
Length: ~310
Summary: Year thirty, day one.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic for [livejournal.com profile] restlessme who asked for Dean in hell. Slightly edited since then.

Alastair could feel it coming like the lick of flames along the soles of his feet as he stood before Dean once more. )
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Commentfic makes my muse go, what can I say.... I liked this one so I wanted to keep it.

Title: Independence
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Length: 143 words
Summary: July 4, 2008, Sam is on his own.
Notes: This is tangentially related to and arguably in the same universe as Wind Shear but it stands alone. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] spngenlove Celebrating Sam commentfic meme.

Sam hasn't really known what day it is in a long time. )
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Title: Wind Shear
Characters/Pairing: Sam, Ruby, Dean, Bobby. Implied Sam/Ruby
Genre: Gen, Angst
Summary: This is what's left for Sam now.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Through 4.09
Length: 1226 words.
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] tahirire
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] ginzai, my meta hound, who wanted to bridge the gap with Sam.

Sometimes he's sure he must have stopped breathing. )
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This is the other one I wrote for the schmoop meme, and hoo boy, for commentfic this thing kinda kicked my ass. Hence it taking a while to get it posted.

Title: Homecoming
Genre/Rating: Gen, H/C, R (language as usual :P)
Characters: Dean, Sam, limited Bobby
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] tahirire
Summary: Sam and Dean deal with reality in the only way that makes sense: together.
Length: ~1460 words
Notes: Originally written for [livejournal.com profile] thehighwaywoman's post-S4 schmoop meme, but revamped a fair bit. Prompt at the end.

Sam's here and it's really his brother. )
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This is the angstier one. I have another, schmoopier one. Blame the meme, guys. ;) I'll post the other tomorrow to avoid too much spam.

Title: Proof
Genre/Rating: Gen, H/C, Angst, R (language only)
Characters: Sam, Dean, mentions of Ruby.
Summary: Sam's second round of withdrawal.
Length: ~750 words.
Spoilers: Spoilers for 4.22
Notes: Written for the post-S4-finale schmoop meme. (Full prompt will be under the cut at the end to avoid spoilers.) Um, the schmoop is more implied in this one than overt. ;) I think.

He can't place the blame on Dean, he can't call him weak. )
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Title: Choice
Genre/Rating: Gen, Drabble, PG-13.
Summary: They've made their choices.
Notes: Episodic for 4.21

Choice )
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Title: Iron and Blood
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, other characters.
Genre/Rating: Gen, Angst, hard R.
Length: ~910 words.
Spoilers: Episodic for 4.20--spoilers in kind.
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] just_ruth &hearts
Summary: Dean's only plan is to turn the car for Bobby's.

You can't plan for the end of the world. )
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So I already linked to this but I thought I'd neaten it up and put it here for posterity and so it was easy for me to direct people to.

Title: To Begin Again
Genre/rating: Gen, angst, schmoop, h/c, episodic (PG)
Prompt: Sick!Sam in S4 with Dean taking care of it. Sam lets Dean know he doesn't think he's loved anymore. (Bear with me, guys)
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby
Length: 538 words
Notes: Episodic/AU for 4.01. Written for the h/c meme.

Dean is topside, Bobby is beside him, and now... now... there's Sam. )
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I broke Sam again.

S4: Sam with a fever, Dean takes care of it, Sam lets slip that he doesn't think Dean loves him anymore. - Gen. And um. I MOSTLY got the prompt? ;) I did if you squint!

P.S.: S4 Sam is all shiny! You know you want to see eet.

Um, apparently what I do after a day of ridiculousness is... schmoopify S4? Why couldn't I do this for Ten Things?
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Inconsequential writer's notes on this. )

Title: Ten Things Sam Knows About His Dean (And One Thing He Wishes He Didn't)
Genre/Rating: Gen. Angsty attempted-fluff? PG
Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Ruby
Spoilers: Through 4.01
Length: 1100
Notes: I was trying for cute!Dean (as opposed to hot!Dean). I think I...partially succeeded? Then it got weird. Written for [livejournal.com profile] guardian_erin. 11 drabbles.

Dean talks in his sleep. )
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Slept 9-2 or something, up now and writing. Middle of a tough scene so I thought I'd take a break and crosspost this little bit o' crack what I wrote as commentfic for my lovely [livejournal.com profile] tahirire.

This... was not the fic that I had in my head to write for this ep. But it certainly is a coda I can live with. Oh, fanon. ;)

Title: The Prophet Chuck: Lying Liar Who Lies (by Omission)
Characters: Dean, Sam, mentions of Chuck, Ruby, Castiel and Jared and Misha if you squint.
Genre: Gen. Crack. Episodic (4.18)
Prompt: Sam experiences extreme emotional distress after discovering that their fangirls think he's a necrophiliac. Dean confronts this problem with his Righteous Brotherly Rage(TM).
Length: 768 words
Notes: Source material for this might have been: Jared's Chicago Creation Con '08 solo panel. ;) This snark and crack written with the highest order of Show love. ;)

I'll rip his *lungs out*! )
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*shifty eyes* Hurt!Drunk!Sam, last summer - Gen.

Commentfic, the new black. *will not answer any more prompts, even if she is letting one germinate for [livejournal.com profile] tahirire*
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So there's this bit of 4.16 that I knew I had to fic on as soon as I saw it.

And... it produced a drabble. Which--holy crap. *wipes sweat from brow* Not easy. Heh. Finally live, though.

Title: Reality
Genre/Rating: Gen, Angst, PG (themes)
Characters/Pairing: Sam, Dean
Length: 100 words (Drabble)
Summary: Sam has come too far to have any illusions now.
Notes: Episodic for 4.16, On The Head of a Pin.

Sam sits with Dean while he sleeps. )
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So I haven't meta'd on Show in many moons. Not since 4.01, IIRC. Also, I haven't slept, really. This episode got to me and had me kind of grumpy and I needed to make some kind of sense of it. These are my 5-AM ramblings and I don't expect them to be of any consequence. I'm just going to babble now.

EDIT: The bulk of this was written last night... Edited some this afternoon and either cleared up some things or made it much worse. Heh. So... I dunno. It's a bit all over the place, but maybe it'll ring true for someone.

Read on for some thinky thoughts from an admittedly biased source. )
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This fic is dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] tahirire, but I'll admit it tickles me quite a bit. :)

Title: No Quarter
Characters: Dean, Lilith (implied previous Dean/Lilith -- not little girl Lilith.)
Genre/Rating: Gen-ish (mild suggestive imagery.). PG-13.
Summary: Lilith is the premier succubus. Dean knows that very well.
Length: ~800 words.
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] chasingtides. All remaining mistakes my own.
Notes: If Kripke can't get over creepy little girls, I'll give him a helping hand. Remix of that scene in 4.06.

Her face twists, goes indistinct, and he can see the black cloud with the sickening white whorls inside that mark her essence. Then it resolves into human form again, but tall, with raven hair. )

Eee, I finally committed S4 fic! :D :D :D


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