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I created a tumblr to follow a few friends with. This is what I wrote by way of intro, and I thought that it would fit here too. It's a bit of a more articulate version of a few posts smashed together. Some of it will be familiar, some of it may not. I'm always open to questions.

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Jul. 31st, 2011 06:57 pm
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Today, for the first time in years, both my OCs, Doug and Jeremy, who had a novel in progress in my head, and who got published a few times and are out there in the world, came home to say hello.

Doug is jealous of Ben and wants a high and tight, ”because damn, they’re hot.” And because he hasn’t gotten two weeks of my undivided attention in three years.

He says Jer is with him, and I believe that much, although Jer doesn’t want to come back out because it’s been a long time. He was always shyer, always let Doug come out and do most of the talking for him.

But he’s there.

Maybe I should listen to them.

But I would miss Dean like a limb, but that’s how I used to miss my Jeremy and augh whyyyyy must I choose. Yes, I know Dean has millions of followers and doesn’t need me, and Jeremy has, well, me and [profile] maccaj... but...but...damn. But also, Dean will be there when I come back....

Sigh. I want to keep them ALL.

But Dean will be here when I get back.

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...Thank you for this. This isn’t something I thought I was gonna get back, or that I deserved it back at all.

So, yeah, thank you.


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