Jul. 29th, 2011 05:51 pm
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LJ is back! I think I am going to celebrate by rereading Spirit verse tonight. (S3-S4 Dean fic with MAGIC POWERS)

- Finally crossposted Gossamer, wheeee. Put it everywhere, even in dean_sam which I only put some of the stories. Now to watch nobody read it. ;)

From the MOO today:

[+][DC] Samidha asks, "what should I have for dinner?"
[+][DC] Govic exclaims, "Souls!"
[+][DC] Samidha grins.

This is not the plan.

From Dean today:

Writer weirdness follows:

Augh, he already gave me his next bunny and told me to pour my soul out again all over it and now I just don’t know if it will ever be intense enough, doubting it will be. I just don’t really go there anymore unless Dean sits directly with me and like FORCES it out of me, which only he can do... Last time I was shaking for 2 days. Goddamn. At least I love the little hologram that I call Dean. What am I saying? I thought I couldn’t write Gossamer and then I wrote the shit out of it. *breathes* I can do this. Just...not with zero calories in my body.

Somehow this feels relevant (yay youtube):

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Oh, yeah. I was going to show all the rest of that fandom meme. I am going to reproduce it here. It is supposed to be posted one question a day but I did it all in one sitting cause LJ was down and now chopping it apart seems silly and spammy.

Reproducing it in total so I can try to get LJ to accept the post and not have it be backdated... If you are from DW you already saw this.

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Arrrrrrgh. This ending is kicking my ass--as in, I don’t really have one. I keep trying stuff that doesn’t work. I am on like my third complete rewrite of the last 500 words. :P

At some point I am just going to have to pick one and post it. But not before Tuesday. :)

15 days of near non-stop writing. I really hope you guys like this one. I feel like I am bleeding out onto the page, here. ;)

ETA: LOL, and this is why I hang out with my MOO crowd:

Samidha (waiting) [to Singing]: I need a better title. :P
Singing says to you, "How about QUEEN"
Singing says, "?"
Singing says, "Or just Duchess?"
You say, "that would be pretty awesome"
You say, "but I need one for this story."
Singing says, "OH."
Singing says, "'The Cactus Farmer /or/ A Fortnight on the River Thames With a Squid Named Charles'"
Singing says, "(I'll invoice you later)"
Govic says, "The Moosening: Moose Cometh"

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I think I finished Ben. There will always be stuff I want to tweak, but he is much better put together than he was. I am keeping the code locked now because Ben is kind of nuts and it might be weird for people to come across him via this journal. If you want to see his code, though, let me know. I share. ;)

I feel kinda crazycakes but this is by far not the weirdest thing I have done, so.

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Too much going on. This weekend/week is totally turning into 100% family time. I probably should have said we would start Smallville after the holiday weekend. Everyone is gonna be super busy, and I have family stuff all week because it is the holiday and also my birthday. (It is also my little brother’s birthday soon. So I always feel like I should go home and visit him, which is what I am doing.) I will be bringing Dark Angel and Smallville with me so that I can still work on the Ben bunny a little bit. By that I mean that I will probably keep watching DA season 1 and not really writing yet. Have to decide a lot of things about wee!Ben, which will be hard because I think what I am getting in S1 is mostly wee!Max and wee!Zach. And honestly, how many more times can a girl watch Pollo Loco? (A lot of times. A LOT OF TIMES. But still.)

Blah blah blah blah... so I will get my Smallville discussion posts up at weird and random hours when I can. I will also keep you guys posted on whether I addict my little bro (a Misha boy) to Dark Angel or not. I think it has a chance of going over very well with him. Hot biker chick, yes? Also, I have a sneaking suspicion he will really like Logan. (That’s okay, I will get over it. I got over him really liking Cas too. ;) )

In light of the holiday weekend I don’t think we should try and set concurrent viewing times. But maybe afterwards? Do people want to do that, or just Kalliel? ;) I know where there is a mostly empty chat room we could use if people really wanted to converge for the Welling pain.

Today a friend of mine had her SO totally freak out because I suggested she stream SPN. Now I am an evil criminal and a bad influence and so are all my friends, fandom and non. Isn’t that charming? But he was so gracious, he allowed us to keep playing online Scrabble with us (which is what she does. Ooo so risque.)

Cause yeah, I am obviously the problem in that scenario.

(I also had to defend myself to a bunch of non-fandom people, which I did by pointing out I own or am about to own pretty much everything I have ever bothered to stream. :P Although I am not going to buy White Collar, but you may have noticed I also stopped streaming it.)

I am still kind of angry about it. I did a lot of programming on my Ben-bot, so he now does many more things, some of which are creepy as hell and make me feel better because I am a bad person.

If anyone wants his updated script I will post it here, eventually. I have to back him up anyway in case the MOO ever has problems, which it might. It is really old and also demanding of its hardware for reasons we can’t quite puzzle out.

...I swear I used to do non-fandom things. Dammit. But to my old friends I am way, way fannish and weird... :/

Like for instance I had forgotten that plot bunny is a fannish term and does not apply to writing in general and I had to explain it over and over this week. :P And honestly, I don’t even remember WHY we call them plot bunnies. In my head it is because plot bunnies multiply exponentially in a fandom crowd. Y/Y? :P

Have some words on the fledgling wee!Ben bunny and one for Sam percolating right now. Actually, either one could be for Ben, but the latter one has the potential to be SO COOL with Sam involved so I think I sold the idea to my inner Sam.

I should be asleep, but eh, this is me. Sleep is for avoidance only. ;)
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Rewatched Pollo Loco AGAIN, with Kalliel this time. I think I have watched it like five times now.

I may have a fic bunny. Anything to distract me from my utter failure with more hunter!Jess. Yeah, this utter failure is about what I expected and is why I never tried to continue this into a series before. Sigh.

So I have this other bunny. But I dunno if it is viable or what. This has been a hiatus of a lot of dead bunnies. I was kind of shocked when Out of the Dark became viable.

When I wake up I will update the Ben bot with more accurate dialog, although no one on the MOO will care but me. Ah well, he is fun, and Cran likes him too. (I am converting my friend as we speak. She watched all the relevant DA episodes with me and knows where to get the SPN pilot from.)

I am telling myself I dont need Sam and Dean bots... At least the temptation is not very high yet, but if my coder friend Fox figures out a way to get the bots talking to each other then look out, world, I may need to make them even if it is just so they bitch at each other about music and other S1/S2 things because it is hiatus and nothing terrible is happening to them right now. ;) (What cliffhanger?)

If I make them, I promise to share their bot scripts here like I did with Ben. I am still trying to tell myself I dont need them because if I started making them I wouldnt be satisfied without them having thousands of lines of code. Which I could deal with... I just would be kind of obsessively working on them forever. Heh.

Time to see if I can fall asleep now.
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Dark Angel season two up through... 2.10. I may keep watching these even later into the night, but this seemed like a good stopping point for an actual post. I have been taking notes on DA all day. Watched two episodes in the morning, had a nap, inhaled calories, and went back to watching despite having slight feelings of burnout. I am now in the phase where you can’t stop watching something... My feelings on a lot of characters have changed. Except Logan. Maybe if I really dug my teeth into season 1 I would feel differently about him. I will get back to you guys on that. Not sure. Mostly I find him ugly and it colors my view of him. Also, I want to have his exoskeleton.

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Otherwise known as me showing my geek side. And I cross-polinate Ultima fandom with Jensen obsession. (Yes, I know it is an obsession, but I am in good company. ;) )

You click your heels three times.
Wintery Cave
A dark cave half-filled with snow. To the west is a small kitchen dominated by a giant fridge. Rumor has it that inside the fridge and freezer are some games.
Obvious exits: [freezer] to Scrabble in the Freezer, [fridge] to Boggle in the Fridge
drop Ben
You drop Ben
look Ben
6 feet tall, lean, very firm, with expressive green eyes and dirty blond to brown hair. Wears a medallion of the Blue Lady. A bar code is tattooed against the nape of his neck.
It is awake and looks alert.
Ben glances up at you for a moment.
@gender Ben is male
He is awake and looks alert.
Ben glances up at you for a moment.

Under here, just exactly what can we do with Ben now?
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Ladies and gentlemen, I have a BEN! He is a bit buggier than what I showed you, as some of his dialog is not perfect due to a few bugs I had to work around, but he is 90% coherent. ;) This is all what he will be able to do when I unbork his code.

Also? He totally lives in my pocket(ses).

Dear Jensen,

You are now electronic.


Dear Ben,

If there wasn’t Dexter now? I would totally be worrying about my sanity. But since there is Dexter, I am not alone. ♥____♥


Jun. 12th, 2011 01:54 am
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More fun on the MOO.

samidha (to Cran): Do you work in a frame/photography store?

Cran nods vigorously in agreement with your ideas.

samidha: I need some frames. Do you do online business? I dont know anything about frames at all, you could give me some advice. Even if I cant order from you

Cran: At your service! :)

samidha: I have 3 8x10 photos from my con. The prints of what you saw.

Cran: I could send you something if you need it. But there's likely to be a Michaels nearby.

samidha: oh, thats right, a Michaels :)

Cran nods at you.

Cran grins.

samidha: I bet they also do web orders at a centralized site

Cran: Get them custom framed in Estate Collection frames, UV-protective Masterpiece Glass and triple-4" mats.

Cran grins.

samidha will try to pay it forward in their direction

Cran: That would be like a $500 frame ;)

You grin at Cran.

samidha: I love the guys, but I dont think that I will go that far

Cran: You don't love them enough!
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@dig Scrabble Room
Scrabble Room (#980) created.
@go #980
Scrabble Room
You see nothing special.
@rename here to Scrabble in the Freezer (I am Winter there, after all.)
@chparent here to #2939 (Generic ANSI Scrabble Room)


Preemptive Scrabble in the fridge!

Okay, maybe it only amuses me.
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Because I needed a RP partner and [personal profile] bientot happily obliged me. We had to set the scene, and I needed a home.

This place doesn't want to be your home. Contact Sammeh to be added to the residents list of this place, or choose another place as your home.
@dig Impala
Impala (#70676) created.
@go #70676
You see nothing special.
@desc here as 1967 Chevy Impala, black. Leather interior, bench seating, minimal seat belts.
Description set.
Sammeh arrives on the wings of song.
Impala is your new home.
Sammeh says, "Awesome, dude."
Dean beams!
Sammeh runs his hand over the bumper and smiles.
You grin.
Dean is ridiculously happy about this. ;)
Sammeh exclaims, "I can't even imagine...you wouldn't be you without the Impala!"

The shorter of two giants, with close-cropped military-style hair, a Led Zeppelin T-shirt, jeans, and steel-toed boots. Green eyes stare out of his scruffy face.
He is awake and looks alert.

l sammeh
Unusually tall and frighteningly well-built, with disarmingly floppy hair, wide and understanding eyes, and a broad grin punctuated by deep dimples.
He is awake and looks alert.

l amulet
Bronze with a patina of age, a horned head hangs from a leather thong.
Dean beams. AMULET.
You hand Dean's hoodie to Sammeh.
Sammeh puts on his Dean's hoodie.
Sammeh beams.
Sammeh's dimples get even deeper as he smooths his hand over the sleeve of his...Dean's...hoodie...
Dean beams.
Sammeh's eyes soften with fondness for his miscreant brother.
Sammeh ruffles your hair.
say unhand me, bitch.
You say, "unhand me, bitch. "
Sammeh . o O ( Jerk )
You grin.


Now if only she could have gotten the name Sam.... (No, Sammeh was not a first choice.)

Yes, this will keep me smiling for the entire night. Which is a feat, let me tell you.


The fuck is a MOO?: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MOO

Let my textual adventures begin!


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