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Had a friend tell me today that since I started writing my own stuff again I am much more myself. Had another friend concur. It is nice. On that subject, the boys have been bombarding me with story ideas. I have 3 of them percolating in my head. (2 of them from Jer, one from Doug.) The boys tell me to just go with it and hang on for the ride. They are going to write them, I am just the typist (which is how I feel about ”First Light.” I barely wrote that.). Each of them are going to be interesting. I wonder if they will each resolve into their own story, or what... In my head FL was two stories that ultimately resolved into one (and I think the story was better for it. Gave it layers.) They are still rejoicing that I finally aged them up and they can use some adult themes now, so I can tell you that all of them will push the envelope a little. I don’t write easy stories when it comes to these boys. Never have, never will. They aren’t here for that.

*happy sigh* Doug got his first hug in three years from Treasa in RP today. It was kind of beyond amazing. They never left, no matter how deep into fandom I went or how utterly bugfuck I went. I cannot tell you how amazing and insane that is. *is very, very loved*
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Note to self and the attached damaged brain: You left 2 fics and 3000 prompts in [community profile] threeweeks_supernatural. That is where your mysterious commentfics went, the ones you were writing to distract from uber-depressing ohsam ones.

Which you have to finish at least one of before you go to bed.

your self
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Even though everything I have scribbled, that I don’t totally hate, is now over at AO3, I have this nagging feeling I should update my master post. Like, it is pretty messy right now. It could be prettier and shinier and make more sense. If anyone has any thoughts on how they best like master posts to be, now is the time to tell me, so I can get this thing into some semblance of organization and surf-able by a newbie.

Tell me what you guys like!
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I told myself I wasn’t going to do this, but then I realized it would be easier to do than I first thought because AO3 has tallied up a lot of my word counts already. Adding up the different verses won’t be hard since all 37 fics in the oDaD series are tallied, for instance. I still have 113 fics (after this week at bitesized) but it isn’t quite the endeavor it used to be. And I have an unfortunate amount of time on my hands.

Word counts are approximate and according to AO3, which I find is not as accurate as Write or Die for instance. But I will live with the count being a bit off.

Word counts have been amassed over a period of three years beginning in May/June of ’08, particularly oDaD ’verse and Armaments which both began in summer ’08.

For those who don’t want to wade in numbers, my total was 150,838. The breakdown is under the cut.

Read more... )
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What I learned today:

Telling yourself you are not going to do something anymore ever is the perfect recipe for wanting to do it more.

So fuck it. I am a Wincester. ;) And a Wincest prompt just woke me out of a stupor to be written. It might eventually make its way here, IDK, no promises anymore.

But I am still going to try editing it out of ODAD verse, because there is a time and place for everything, and that time and place is not in the middle of your 36+ chapters of gen that all your gen friends read happily.

There we are.

Dear LJ,

You will always be my favorite and my first love. I am glad you are semi-functional again. I hope you do not go away like I fear.

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I'm thinning back on the flist... I've been slowly and quietly doing it, but now I feel like I might as well make it official.

I find myself less engaged with certain aspects of the internet and aspects of fandom and....grrrrarrgh, see this is why I haven't made a post like this yet. Um. Point is... I'm backing away from keeping track of certain things and reading to a large extent... My focus needs to be elsewhere and it's not anything personal at all.

Nobody needs to plead a case with me. It really is all about where I am with fandom and stuff and not anything about anyone personally.
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So I'm sure that many of you involved in big bang have been keeping this date in mind and refreshing like mofos, but for the record... the big bang posting schedule is now up.

I will apparently be unleashing my bunny of doom on July 16. Which means that it's now officially official, I will have been working on it for a year.

(I committed to writing this thing 7/20 last year but I recall at least four days to a week of WTFery first during which I hemmed and hawed.)

Speaking of dates, the first time I posted about Show was April 27 2008, so I guess I officially have to tell myself I've been in fandom for a year now. I was writing fic by May.


Public post to get at all my fic lurkers I guess. ;)


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