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This is just a note to say... I have now fielded a few bitchtastic transmissions that I fielded from the fandom people I had to cut from my life... and people have noticed that I kept a lot of you guys. I want you guys to know I kept you because, primarily, you never gave me shit about taking breaks from something that was pretty much an addiction and ruining my life. (I'm not saying it's ruining anyone else's life, but it definitely helped run mine into the ground in ways you'll probably never know.) All of you who have sent me well wishes and support and emails and talked me through to the other side of this... thank you. That's why you guys are still here, and I greatly appreciate it. I met a lot of amazing folks during my foray in fandom...and you guys are it. I know I'm not around much, but I am around, and I think of you guys often. I'm just in the process of fixing a pretty wrecked life.

Thanks for standing by me, even when I was at my worst. I love you guys like you won't ever even know just for being out there under the same sky.

This is my song of the day, and it's for you all too (LOL Snow Patrol. God. I can't even. I try to escape them and then this happens.):

I don't think my icon has ever been more appropriate than right now. I'm not ignoring those words anymore.
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This is the best thing I have seen in a while.

Mark Geary is FINALLY putting all his lyrics up on his website! You guys have no idea. Irish people really don’t write down lyrics. They seem to be passed by word of mouth only. Plus, Mark is dyslexic, so it totally makes sense for him not to write them down. But he started to notice incorrect lyrics around the Interweb and then he decided to write them down! I AM SO EXCITE, you guys. So in light of this, I have been discussing him with maccaj, and she just found THIS. Marky! Speaking Irish! And the Irish girl TOTALLY talking circles around him at the end, but I dunno, it is just so cute to me. And one of my favorite songs ever. ♥____♥ Marky. :D :D :D :D :D

*hums along*

He has got 2 of his three albums posted on the site. When Opium goes up, I WILL DO A CHAIRDANCE TO END ALL OTHER CHAIRDANCES. I have been trying to learn the lyrics to that album for EVER. And some of the lyrics to the other discs are surprising me too. It is hard to decipher these things, I tell you! It is going to be a glorious day in the land of Mark Geary fans when this happens.

Mark lives at markgeary.com. If you like this song, go check him out. Sweetest man ever, you guys.
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Doug would like it to be known that he really likes this

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and this
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And they both like this:
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He would also like to thank the small subset of my flist who are reading his and Jer’s strange missives. They had a bit of a hard time with people last time they came to LJ. He appreciates you guys. :D

New fic hopefully in the coming work week....
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Ew. So, I have been obsessed with Iron and Wine, right? Like for the last several months.

You know how you get into an artist and you just magically gravitate toward certain songs and can ignore the others because you just get favorites?

Well, that happens to me, anyway. But today I put on one of the ones that I kinda liked the general premise of, or thought I did, and I really took a listen to the lyrics.

You guys, it was seriously, SERIOUSLY rapey. Like, how did I miss this? SO RAPEY. So then Meg and I were discussing his lyrics, and how generally they are really good lyrics and they make me think that other artists are just a joke because this guy can really write (and I really think he can). And she started pointing out MORE RAPEYNESS and other stuff.

So whatever, now I have to stop listening to him because all I can think is RAPEY.


I am going to miss Sam Beam, but he has to go. Like, stat.

How does this shit sneak past our radar? What the fuck is wrong with people?

Whatever, I will always have my girl folk artists, and Glen and Mark. Fuck you, Sam Beam, you will never be rapey in my general direction again. But I am going to miss you.

(FYI, the offending song is here: http://www.songmeanings.net/songs/view/3530822107858555096/ Trigger warning like woah, obviously.)
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Because making a mix tape is more fun easier than writing Doug and Jer, and also because my roommate just desperately needs new music before I DIE.

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I wrote this fic for Tahirire, and I arbitrarily gave it a due date of July 19th, one of MY favorite un-birthdays of the year. Happy birthday, Jared! JEALOUS ABOUT YOUR GLEN HANSARD CONCERT OMG! Twitter, what are you doing to me?! Again! (You guys, he likes Glen Hansard!)

Title: The Soldier and the Apprentice
Genre/Rating: Gen, Crossover, R (dark themes)
Characters: Ben X5-493, various X5s, various angels, Elizabeth Renfro, Donald Lydecker, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Summary: He is the teller of stories. He is the one who has given his life to the Lady, has risked everything time and again.
Betas: A complete crack team of tons of people. I almost lost count. Special thanks to my non-fannish friends who read this because they love me. :)
Spoilers: Dark Angel Season 1, Supernatural (late) Season 5 (Especially Pollo Loco and Dark Side of the Moon.)
Length: ~5650
Notes: Unrepentant smashing of timelines together. Character list roughly in order of appearance and de-spoilered. ;)

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While I was dealing with the beta of this story (OMG, sooooo many betas, so many rounds!), I could not stop listening to Iron and Wine. Here. Have the music of this beast of a story. :)

Vids under here
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Lyrics under here:

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Authors Notes at the bottom.

Title: Something Like Forward Motion
Genre: Gen, Angst
Characters: Sam, Dean
Summary: The prompt was: after using the dream root, Sam finds that he still enters Dean’s dreams.
Spoilers: 6.21-22
Notes: Could be considered fix-it fic? But not really.

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RP tonight put this song in my head. Traditionally, this has been a Sam song, for reasons which will be readily apparent, but... I think tonight it could have applied to almost anyone present.

Or maybe just my Sam and Dean.

Embedding doesn’t seem to want to work, so I put the youtube link at the bottom...

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Apr. 27th, 2011 08:26 pm
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Damn. I failed at writing *any* commentfic today. See, this is why I usually know not to mention it til I feel done with a meme, because inevitably I lose a little steam and don’t do all my prompts. It happened. Eh.

I am hoping I still get some done tomorrow or something, but tonight I am exhausted.

While I was writing Carried Home, I was listening to a lot of Iron and Wine. This song came to my attention, and now it will never not remind me of Dean-n-Cas. (No, not Dean/Cas, I said Dean-n-Cas. Dean/Cas does not exist to me.)

Angels! Brothers! Heaven! I have been told it also has apocalyptic imagery. I dunno, I’m mostly in this for the pretty, pretty poetry of it.

Lyrics under the cut.

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And also, moar Cas, but funny this time:

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...Okay, first of all I would like to state for the record that a little birdie inside my skull wanted to fic to pretty much every prompt at Bitesized this week. And I let myself do a lot more ficcing than I did last week. But I can’t just fill every freaking prompt I like or I would never stop ficcing (as it is, I fic a hell of a lot of the time.) Most of the ones I didn’t write just didn’t have something jump immediately to mind... so... I did two.

I also left a prompt over there that I sort of *desperately* want someone to fill, so if anyone wants to write about Dean’s amulet please do, the theme this week was To Arms so I guess I was thinking of the amulet as something in their arsenal (I always did believe it could hold little pieces of them or fill pretty much any other role): http://spn-bitesized.dreamwidth.org/72523.html?thread=1457227#cmt1457227

Second of all, I freaking wrote Sam/Ruby and I NEVER write Sam/Ruby. I mean, I think this is the first time I ever have. This is generally because I think other writers can do it and nail it so much better than I can, particularly [livejournal.com profile] tahirire who I think pretty much owns the pairing.

That said, I just... went there, today, so whatever. First time for everything.

Title: To Rebuild
Genre: Het
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Ruby, Dean
Summary: Sam, hex bags, and the memories they jar loose.
Length: ~300 words
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Title: Family Relations
Genre: Gen
Characters: John, Christian Campbell, Sam, Dean
Summary: Prompt was: The Campbells offer John access to the family resources and a home for himself and Dean, but little Sammy is considered a potential demonic weapon....
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While I was writing the Sam/Ruby one, I had the last third of Call and Answer by Barenaked Ladies in my head. Blah blah blah the love story of Sam and Dean. ;) So, I did something I really very rarely do, which is to use a song lyric as a title. The entire world should know this song, because it is amazing, but if you don’t, here is the SamnDean S5 part.

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You can tell the second one was kinda brainless because Christian isn’t really old enough to be filling the role I gave him. Oops.

Verdict: I like the first one better.
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