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So I have mentioned before (LJ crowd) about three weeks for dreamwidth going on. Today is the last day of it, so I am moving my three contributions to the fest (one for the Female Character Trope Fest, and two for [community profile] threeweeks_supernatural) over to Livejournal. The entry is backdated to keep crossposting easier. So here is the link back to that post.

1 gen Sam, Dean and Pamela, 1 Sam/Ava (sort of), one Justified Ava/OFC.

This way for all 3
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I don’t even have to cut this. But I will anyway.
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Two SPN and one Justified fic. 3 commentfics, all short.

Title: Two Men Walk Into a Bar
Genre: Gen, PG
Characters: Pamela, Dean, Sam
Summary: Pamela and alcohol, well-mixed.
Prompt: Pamela, cocktails.
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Title: Of Miracle and Wonder
Genre: Gen, R
Characters: Sam, Ava
Summary: Sam is looking for someone who might understand. He goes a long way.
Prompt: Sam/Ava, King and Queen
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Title: Set Free
Genre: Femslash, R
Fandom: Justified
Characters: Ava/OFC
Spoilers: None. But you do have to know who Ava is to see what changes I have wrought. They are all intentional.
Prompt: Ava, any fandom trope.
Notes: Written for the female character trope fest. I chose an AU: magical realism.
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And there you have it... Probably all I can rustle up for the fest, considering I already defaulted on a prompt for ohsam (although I suppose I could just be late late late with it, but eh, I am just not feeling it.)

Will crosspost when 3W4DW is over.
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Wee bit of fic I cooked up for the female character tropes fest.

In honor of 3 Weeks for Dreamwidth, and to drive up meme traffic, the little fic will be staying in the comm.

No spoilers whatsoever, given that you know who Ava is. So you’re good with the pilot.

Title: Set Free
Fandom: Justified
Characters/Pairing: Ava/OFC
Summary: Ava chose to live in Harlan.
Length: 373
Warning: Implied violence.

One thing is for certain: she chose this place, and they won’t make her go, not for anything.
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So twirlycurls prompted for this in the sharp_teeth meme, and she encouraged me to do it, and I said noooo I only do Sam and Dean these days. But what can I say. It was such a cool prompt.

Title: Knock to the Head
Genre: Gen-ish
Characters: Raylan Givens, others
Summary: "What do you mean, you think Boyd Crowder is behind it? You know very well that Boyd died in that mining accident, Raylan."
Length: Short (515)

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