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I am not really keeping track to make sure this happens every 24 hours... Ah well. Staying in what my friend Julia calls "easy world" about it. :)

I have a ton of things to be grateful for today, but I'll keep it to the usual three.

- I'm really grateful for the support I got yesterday and that nobody freaked out and got offended. Especially grateful to Phillip for talking me out of a panic attack. I took all your comments to heart and they all helped. :)

- I remain grateful for Desmond, my case manager. He's such a badass. He's helping me work out what to do about how I got surprise!zealots working for me because they were just foisted on me.

- I'm really grateful for the Internet, even though I need to work a lot on my net addiction. Workflowy and Spotify are kicking so much ass for me right now. (You guys, check out Workflowy! SO COOL. Evernote is neat too.) And I have such a badass soundtrack for Doug and Jer going now... Decided to just scrap the old one (lost a long time ago but I was holding out hope that [livejournal.com profile] maccaj would be able to resurrect it for me from her files) and rebuild. It was a lot of fun, and because of Spotify I could pretty much pick from ANYTHING. :D And [livejournal.com profile] devinlind totally immediately subscribed to it there. LOL.
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Jer and I like this song. There are a few ways to read it for me, but I think we both like it because it's kind of the way the parentals were, and kind of reminds me of what happens when you go from being a cute little "sellable" gimp who needs to be kept down and controlled by ABs to, well, whatever you become when you stop being cute.

Or it could just mean I was raised to be a spoiled brat and then ditched, 'cause that totally happened too. ;)

In other news:

Dear Doug and Steve,

Write "Home" faster, you guys! COME ON. ;) (Jer's getting bored waiting for his scene...)


In still other news, man, Facebook keeps giving me this ad for a shirt that says, "Jedi for Jesus," and every time Jer sees it he's like, "LEAVE MY UNIVERSE OUT OF YOUR UNIVERSE, GOD DAMMIT."

This is why I keep him. ;)
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I couldn't resist this...Jer went CRAZY when we found this. So many family injokes, I can't even tell you. LOL.

Without further ado I bring you the video that made Jer's Thanksgiving.

I was going to post another vid that was more topical, but nothing can get in the way of Star Wars inside any brain that gets shared with Jeremy Rhodes, so... Hee.
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Doug would like it to be known that he really likes this

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and this
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And they both like this:
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He would also like to thank the small subset of my flist who are reading his and Jer’s strange missives. They had a bit of a hard time with people last time they came to LJ. He appreciates you guys. :D

New fic hopefully in the coming work week....
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I’ll take Things My Characters Have Never Told Me Before for 1000, Alex.

Holy shit. Well, then.

Now if I could just figure out the rest of the story that goes around this scene....
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Had a friend tell me today that since I started writing my own stuff again I am much more myself. Had another friend concur. It is nice. On that subject, the boys have been bombarding me with story ideas. I have 3 of them percolating in my head. (2 of them from Jer, one from Doug.) The boys tell me to just go with it and hang on for the ride. They are going to write them, I am just the typist (which is how I feel about ”First Light.” I barely wrote that.). Each of them are going to be interesting. I wonder if they will each resolve into their own story, or what... In my head FL was two stories that ultimately resolved into one (and I think the story was better for it. Gave it layers.) They are still rejoicing that I finally aged them up and they can use some adult themes now, so I can tell you that all of them will push the envelope a little. I don’t write easy stories when it comes to these boys. Never have, never will. They aren’t here for that.

*happy sigh* Doug got his first hug in three years from Treasa in RP today. It was kind of beyond amazing. They never left, no matter how deep into fandom I went or how utterly bugfuck I went. I cannot tell you how amazing and insane that is. *is very, very loved*
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New Doug and Jer up. It is exceedingly gay, kinky and definitely porny. Gimp porn is never just porn, though. We can’t really afford for it to be. It lives on LJ, as before--no one from DW is in the locked group anyway. If you want to be in the group, let me know. I think I have picked up everyone.

Man, they have been waiting for me to be ready to write that for 11 years. (It took a LOT of convincing. I have kept them way too young for this piece in my head for the whole time I have known them.)
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New Doug-n-Jer drabbles are posted. They live on LJ, because when I use custom groups on DW it crashes crossposting. If you want to see the drabbles, they live here: http://samidha.livejournal.com/1319651.html ...Leave me a comment and I will add you to the friends group.

Unlike the last set of drabbles, which I didn’t actually try to limit by length, these are 100 words each... so the piece is only 500 words. I need for there to be more. I miss my boys. So there will probably be more, although I dunno when. If I funnel all the energy I spend generally on fanfic into these boys then there will be more, and soon, but writing my boys always makes me way more nervous so who knows... (The running commentary on this--from them--in my head is interesting but I won’t reproduce it. That would be a bit weird and self-indulgent.)
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Things I am pondering today while I get ready for con day 1:

I really want to write a story based on Drown Out. Really really.

The question is if it would feature Doug and Jeremy or not.

Both times I have gotten ready for con I come away a little dubious about fandom in general. I don’t like the Creation staff. It is rather like cattle herding in there. There are deeply annoying parts of the whole process. And then there are the questions that make you cringe.

Frequently I take little breaks from fandom. Some of them are micro-breaks (forcing myself to write original fic before I come back, like I did this week.) Sometimes they are FUCK IT ALL breaks, like I took during season 5 (although I still watched.)

I am not sure what kind of break I am going to be tempted to take after the con, but I do plan to take one.... Jeremy and I have a lot to sort out, and he has more than earned his turn. Maccaj can’t have him living at her house forever, as much as it pleases me that he has somewhere to go.

I dunno, right now just tired and regretful. Jer is watching me, and he doesn’t look murderous, but neither of us are talking about it yet either. :P
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Because making a mix tape is more fun easier than writing Doug and Jer, and also because my roommate just desperately needs new music before I DIE.

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Jul. 31st, 2011 06:57 pm
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Today, for the first time in years, both my OCs, Doug and Jeremy, who had a novel in progress in my head, and who got published a few times and are out there in the world, came home to say hello.

Doug is jealous of Ben and wants a high and tight, ”because damn, they’re hot.” And because he hasn’t gotten two weeks of my undivided attention in three years.

He says Jer is with him, and I believe that much, although Jer doesn’t want to come back out because it’s been a long time. He was always shyer, always let Doug come out and do most of the talking for him.

But he’s there.

Maybe I should listen to them.

But I would miss Dean like a limb, but that’s how I used to miss my Jeremy and augh whyyyyy must I choose. Yes, I know Dean has millions of followers and doesn’t need me, and Jeremy has, well, me and [profile] maccaj... but...but...damn. But also, Dean will be there when I come back....

Sigh. I want to keep them ALL.

But Dean will be here when I get back.

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...Thank you for this. This isn’t something I thought I was gonna get back, or that I deserved it back at all.

So, yeah, thank you.


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