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Okay, for serious, [livejournal.com profile] radiumgirl, [livejournal.com profile] kalliel and I are starting up watching Smallville season 4 really soon now!


Jensen goes crazy.

I have recently discovered this is my favorite thing in the universe, so I want to see it happen again. Only there is too much Tom Welling involved so I had to rope in other fangirls.

If you want to join in on the mass insanity, I can provide you with torrent or streaming links. We do not have a start date yet, but we are serious business about this so it is going to happen. ;) Any other takers?

Remember: I will probably be spamming LJ for a few entries with snarky commentary on Welling-land, so if you are either a for real fan of Smallville or you just want to watch the snark then please feel free to stand back. ;)
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So [livejournal.com profile] jagfanlj wants me to ask a con question.

My thought process goes like this:

But I don’t want to get behind the mic! I don’t want to! I told them I don’t want to do the mic thing! I NEVER want to do the mic thing. How does ANYONE do the mic thing?

Except, ooh, if I did I could ask Jensen about--
But hmmm, if I got behind the mic then I could ask about Dark Angel because BEN--

*repeat* Seriously, my brain has done this at least three times tonight, it is SO FUCKING ANNOYING.

I know what did it, too.


She doesn’t even deserve the space on my screen to explain it.

So pissed off.

So, here’s what I’ve got. Since neither [livejournal.com profile] monicawoe or I will be able to ask Jensen anything at cons, I am putting this into the ether.

If ANY of you are doing cons, or know someone doing cons, or know someone who knows someone, and they aren’t on the east coast, could someone try to remember to ask whoever it is to ask Jensen to tell his audition story for Dark Angel’s Ben X5 and what he did to prepare for it?

Yes, I know this story is floating around in the ether somewhere but I want to hear it from him and I want to know what he did to prepare, if he remembers it.

*finds a Zelda fairy, attaches her Ben question to its leg like a carrier pigeon and hopes it gets somewhere*

3 hours til I have Smallville season 4. Now just to hear back from [livejournal.com profile] radiumgirl about how we want to arrange concurrent viewing. Because I am not crazy enough to watch this by myself. ;) Too much Tom Welling. Way too much.

I can’t believe I am going to watch Smallville. I haven’t since season 1.

All so I can watch Jensen go apeshit crazy and/or evil again, because HE IS SO GOOD AT IT OHMYGOD.

*looks into the sky after the Zelda fairy* *sighs* It probably won’t work. :P A girl can dream.
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Okay, so the first time I watched this my reaction could be summed up in: O.O

That doesn’t make for very interesting journaling, though. And I know those of you who are reading this are curious about my reaction to this ep, so guess what I am going to do?

I’m going to watch it again. Because I can.

I am totally exhausted. Who knew that staying UP until Sunday morning watching TV obsessively would make me tired?

When I was back in college, I could do all kinds of commentary on camera work and staging and blah blah blah, I sort of taught myself for my Science in Film class and did about 3 papers on the very same, one of which was my disability in film paper...

I suck at that kind of thing now.

You would think SPN would have taught me more, but I hosed my brain so....

What I can tell you without even turning the episode on is: holy chemistry, Batman. Maybe I am just starved for it or something but I thought Jensen had serious chemistry with the Rachel. OMG, the moment after she kisses him in the pool and he just reels back. OMG. Alec.

I can also tell you I @created an Alec after that. I have almost no idea what he will do but he needed to be cuddlable. *grin*

Okay. Great hardship is coming to me, clearly. *turns it on*

OMG so pretty. You can totally side-eye me any time. (This makes me a terrible person. HE IS SO YOUNG. *does some quick math* 21-22?)

I like how they are setting this up like 99 Problems or whatever (the song, not the episode.) Like oh man this is totally going to be an episode about douche Alec and then AND THEN AND THEN.

LOL I totally made up scary creepy lasers for my RPF guy when I was like six. I am totally keeping score here with how many cheesy fanfic ideas slip into this show.


Okay, honest question... How the hell did he really get the locket, and how in hell could he have possibly kept it while living at Manticore? Straining believability here, show. Stop doing that.

(LOL, if my first instinct at con wasn’t totally to fall all over myself telling them they were amazing and that I love them--which is why I will never go near a mike at con--then I would totally be like: JENSEN, EXPLAIN TO ME ABOUT THE LOCKET, and he would be like: It’s television, it isn’t real,” and I would be like, ”...” *invokes the TELL ME IT’S JUST A TV SHOW, GO AHEAD icon*)

Or, you know, something equally terrible and embarrassing. HOW do people keep their composure behind that mike, seriously?

But back to the episode.

OMG, Alec needs five thousand hugs and I am 3 minutes in.

She must FIGHT to discover...her destiny.

Have I mentioned at any point how these are quite possibly the worst opening titles I have ever seen? I really irrationally hate that voiceover and all the theme music to this show except the aformentioned DANGER DANGER music. Every five seconds it is throwing me out of the story. Also: Everyone should have a FETUS in their eye. Obviously. It’s the wave of the future!

Logan: Get over yourself. Joshua could totally take you in a cage match. You are just lucky he is super docile and gentle or he would pull an Isaac on you and make you bleed out terribly all over... Why didn’t Zach kill you? GTFO of this episode.


OMG HE HAS NEVER HEARD LINUS AND LUCY (i.e. the Peanuts theme) AND HE IS COVERING HIS TRACKS OMG. *has flashbacks to A Very Supernatural Christmas and how they know no carols and AUGH*

Who hired Simon Lehane if Berrisford is just meeting him as of the first lesson? Concierge service? Who? ;)

Also also? Jensen doesn’t even play piano and he LOOKS like a piano player when he plays, this chick totally does not. She could be receiving a root canal.

(4 years of piano lessons and as far as I got was Minuet in G. Which is not very far at all. God, that was such an embarrassment. Gimp hands and eyes. Annnnnyway.)

But I won’t complain too much because THEY GOT THE CHEMISTRY RIGHT.

”Because if for some reason we lost confidence in you, we’d have no need for you.”

AUGH this is about the point at which I made electronic Alec. ;)

Okay, seriously, how did he get the locket?

Oh my god, Berrisford HIRED A FAKE RACHEL.

OMG suicidal Alec. Begging for death. Nnnggg. *hugs electronic Alec*

I cannot tell you how much I identify with this. Augh.

AND THEN HE CRIES LIKE CRAZY, not the single tear of manpain but real crying and he hides it against her body and omg ...aaaauuuuuugh.

I really wanted her to wake up right in that moment, cheesiest television move ever or not.

But he got to say goodbye. He got to say goodbye.

”Sooner or later it always catches up to you.” D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

(I could have done without Max and fucking Logan processing this for us, but whatever, I can deal with it.)

”I’m always all right.”



*is a little ded now*
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Dark Angel season two up through... 2.10. I may keep watching these even later into the night, but this seemed like a good stopping point for an actual post. I have been taking notes on DA all day. Watched two episodes in the morning, had a nap, inhaled calories, and went back to watching despite having slight feelings of burnout. I am now in the phase where you can’t stop watching something... My feelings on a lot of characters have changed. Except Logan. Maybe if I really dug my teeth into season 1 I would feel differently about him. I will get back to you guys on that. Not sure. Mostly I find him ugly and it colors my view of him. Also, I want to have his exoskeleton.

Read more... )

DA 2.02

Jun. 22nd, 2011 07:15 pm
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Oh, God, it’s the arena.

I can’t get the end of this episode, so I keep watching the first 30 minutes or so and wishing it was my birthday already so I can justify buying this.

Two weeks of half-busted video files. ;)
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Tell me about the good place.


Jun. 12th, 2011 01:54 am
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More fun on the MOO.

samidha (to Cran): Do you work in a frame/photography store?

Cran nods vigorously in agreement with your ideas.

samidha: I need some frames. Do you do online business? I dont know anything about frames at all, you could give me some advice. Even if I cant order from you

Cran: At your service! :)

samidha: I have 3 8x10 photos from my con. The prints of what you saw.

Cran: I could send you something if you need it. But there's likely to be a Michaels nearby.

samidha: oh, thats right, a Michaels :)

Cran nods at you.

Cran grins.

samidha: I bet they also do web orders at a centralized site

Cran: Get them custom framed in Estate Collection frames, UV-protective Masterpiece Glass and triple-4" mats.

Cran grins.

samidha will try to pay it forward in their direction

Cran: That would be like a $500 frame ;)

You grin at Cran.

samidha: I love the guys, but I dont think that I will go that far

Cran: You don't love them enough!
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In my dream just now: [livejournal.com profile] tahirire, Jensen Ackles, and George Washington. LOL. I don’t even know. The dream involved BAMF!George Washington (duh), who A) got fitted for insanely impractical boots with mega heels (at which point in the dream I was him! Gender bending! Awesomeness sum tripled!), watching the redcoats advance and knowing it was all part of a devious, devious plan by George himself, and then a flash forward to a runaway sixteen year old (or so) doing laundry in a laundromat and making some random dream guy uncomfortable via her hunter ways. (Even though she was kind of like a wee Jo Harvelle. I dunno, there was some discussion about laundry and doing it properly. Laundry is very important, you know. Also, I bet T. was doing 3 tons of it to get ready for going away for Memorial Day, so even in my dreams I stalk her. Or something.)

So yeah. Very young hunter chick who made random dream guy very, very nervous and prone to over-helping. At which point we were all: LOL forever, grow a pair, dream guy.

Also, there was cuddling. CUDDLING. Lots and lots of cuddling. And like, hunter George Washington? I don’t even know, but he was seriously badass and he wore amazing boots. BOOTS. I love boots.

And then T. left my dream to go watch a movie. Specifically.

Ahhh... that was a good dream. Why doesn’t my head do that more often?

Oh, well. It’s okay that it doesn’t, that makes the times when it does more special.

*is cuddled* *happy sigh*

Man, I almost felt normal.

(While in DC I went to visit George Washington’s house. :) It was actually super surreal. Lots of factoids about him that I never would have thought to even ask about. Did you know Martha Washington was a widow when she met George? Did you ever think about George Washington owning slaves? Yeah, not me either. *hangs head* But anyway. BAMF!George Washington!)
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Finally unpacked my actual physical pictures from SF con. My case manager saw them and went: O.O Who are they? I am totally jealous that you got to MEET THEM.

Doesn’t even know who they are.

Magic powers, I tell you. Magic powers.

Now that they are unpacked, I want them on my walls SO HARDCORE. God, so much gorgeousness.

Dear J2,

You are magical.


Purchase of the month: FRAMES. Then I can make her have an attack of lust any time she comes by. Hahahaha!

My SF pics

Feb. 8th, 2011 10:11 pm
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1 Jared, 1 Jensen, 1 J2, fullsize )

And there you have it. In which I am a hag and Jared glows and Jensen exudes magic powers of awesome.

ETA: I will probably hide these in a friendslock in a couple days.
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14 scintillating points under the cut. Starring JENSEN. )

I really wish I was more drunk right now.

ALSO? I am fucking dying my hair. So you guys all need to tell me what color it should be.

I think perhaps purple.

Also? When I watch Christmas Cottage, which I am only doing because [livejournal.com profile] chasingtides is going to suffer through it with me--as she did this time, because she loves me!--I am going to drink steadily for at least three hours before I start the movie. Because I was only slightly buzzed for TIH, and it was not enough. It was not enough.

I must be drunk for Christmas Cottage.

I'm sorry, Jared. The reputation of this movie preceeds it. And it's supposed to be several orders of magnitude worse than TIH.


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