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Kalliel wrote me amazing amazing fic.

Like, really.

Monica, get this story in your life NOW. ;)


UUUUUUGH need to sleep. Keep tinkering with bunny. Sleep feels like it is for the weak, but I must...succumb...

Counting weeks til con. I might be going with Allie again, but then again I might not. I have invited her. We shall see. (If I go with her again, I am sure he will remember the pair of us, as they actually had a little back and forth too and she was like attached at my hip. Heh. Yes, all of this is kind of an exercise in will-he-remember-me. WE SHALL SEE.)


(I did not watch Smallville today. I am in dread of Jason’s mom, and parents in general on this show. Ben bunny takes precedent over ALL.)
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First of all, I found this amazing, amazing fic. It has Ben. It is amazing. It almost, almost took away my will to write my silly Ben bunny because it is SO GOOD and I just don’t write that well anymore. I will never approach this much awesome. I actually stopped reading it because it was tempting me to change the bunny a lot and things... that I can’t really pull off on my own. But it was AMAZING so I have to rec it even if it will mean people drawing comparisons and finding me lacking, le sigh.

Tasted Blood.


I really hate this show.

Of interest: Smallville 4.09 and The Berrisford Agenda (one of Jensen’s episodes of DA) used the same piano piece. WHAT PIANO PIECE IS THIS? Damn you, Smallville, stop taking the magic away from good things!

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Dear gods. I was lucky if I got 2 hours of sleep. Today is going to be a disaster.

[livejournal.com profile] tahirire wrote me birthday fic! This is the happy shiny version. I hear she has another bunny which probably is not the happy shiny version. But here are tiny boys on summer vacation doing extracurriculars. :D


I have made an executive decision. The following commentary always applies re: Smallville:


#2: I will not write crappy fix-it fic about this poor character.

#3: ... Seriously? Who watched this show for ten years? TEN. YEARS.


I am not sure, given the content of the posts, that it pays off to keep spamming you with this stuff, but it does make me feel better to know other people are watching it.

I may chicken out on Gilmore Girls. Certain points have been made that remind me of how I hate every single boyfriend and just wanted Jared to get a better role the entire time. Seriously, everything I thought whenever I saw him was: this person deserves better.


At least he got a better role.

Exhausted beyond belief.
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I meant to mention this as a fic rec in my last post (which will be making its way to LJ after 3W4DW is over...) [livejournal.com profile] monicawoe/[personal profile] monicawoe wrote this FREAKING HYSTERICAL fic the other day.

It is about head hunters looking for Sam. I cannot even, you just have to read it. And it is QUITE a fast read. GO. NOW.

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I saw some stills. Now I shall talk about them.

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So I have been spending the last few days reading a lot of bigbangs. I think it's because I'm pondering doing it next summer. Eep. But also, [livejournal.com profile] aeroport_art and [livejournal.com profile] ninhursag did review posts and that got me reading more fics that I ended up loving, so I'm going to do one too. I'm not yet done reading all the ones I want to read, and if there are any I really need to read you should tell me but I wanted to get this out of the way 'cause honestly I need a break.

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