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Okay, so remember how I got no sleep in SF? At all? Well, last night I was UP. I was up talking to [livejournal.com profile] blacklid about life, the universe, everything, and J2, you know, and then I was just UP. Got to bed around 4, fell asleep after 5, was mildly caffeinated by 8:45 and just hoping I would hold it together.

I got to Traci’s panel mostly on time! (There were TL:DR circumstances which almost made me late.) And I took one look at the line to ask her questions, and a la Stuart Ambrose...I decided I got this. So I went up. And I asked her my question.

My question was: I love Pam, really a lot, you got to play a well-adjusted disabled person on television and this is seriously rare. What did you do to prepare to be Pam after she was struck blind?

I think I actually flustered her a little bit with this. She was like: Uh. Hmm. :) Then she said that she was a really grounded person, sometimes too grounded so she has to make an effort to be a little lighter (I, as a former white lighter pagan, can translate this so it made sense to me, heh) and that for the rehearsal time she ran through her stuff with J2 without the eyes in, so that she would know where things were and what their expressions were. *ponders* Then she asked me if she had answered my question and I said yeah although I think she barely grazed the edge of it. There was this person who asked her a question after me and was up there FOREVER so I guess I could have reformulated my question for her and asked for MORE but I didn’t decide to do that.

Someone found me later and congratulated me on asking a cool question!

Next was Matt. You guys, Matt is like SO amazingly adorable. You have no idea. I think he made my entire day.

#1: He said that in terms of favorite projects SPN owned 7/8ths of his heart and his current project, Trigger, owns 1/8.

#2: He said it was amazing to get to come and hang out with SPN fans because in front of SPN fans you can really be yourself. He made me really kind of regret I didn’t go to karaoke, but if I had I would have had even less spoons.

#3: He gave hugs to everyone who asked him questions.

#4: He could barely move because he was wearing ”skinny jeans” that really didn’t fit him.

#5: He demonstrated owling and coning, both of which appear to be new...trends? In which one pretends to be an owl or orders an ice cream cone and then intentionally flips it and starts eating the cone first in front of the server ...for...what purpose? I don’t know.

He also demonstrated this thing that was called something like boarding in which he pretty much pretended to be a board.

I don’t even know, you guys.

#6: Can we go back to the part where Matt gives hugs to everyone who asks him questions? He was like: This is just how I am!

#7: He was IN LOVE with playing Michael. In love with it, you guys. :)

#8: He has sleeping dreams about going back to Supernatural. He dreams of an episode where JDM comes back and he teams up with one of the boys while he, young John, teams up with the other boy and there is an EPIC BATTLE.

LOL. Yeah. Not gonna happen. But freaking adorable.

Speaking of JDM, he said he got a lot of his inspiration for how to match JDM by watching his Greys footage... he said something like: When that guy falls apart he completely melts your heart, oh my God.


OMG, OMG, OMG! I almost forgot! Chad crashed the panel. He came running down our row and went up and gave Matt this huge bear hug. (Matt says he loves Chad and wants to work across from him in the future.) So. HUGE hug. And then he went back up my row high-fiving on both sides of the aisle and all I can do on wheels is kind of sit in the aisle and try to pretend it doesn’t annoy people but FOR ONCE IT PAID OFF, because Chad highfived me!

So dudes, now I am REALLY glad I saw Chad (twice)!


After that was a presentation on the history of Uoija boards... which was... The guy was intense. I left the room cause I was falling asleep (actually not his fault) and never made it back in. Falling asleep SO HARD. Hello and welcome to damaged brain.

Anyway, came home and took a nap, hoping it restores the balance. But if not, history shows I can get through the morning...heh... God, I am so fucked tomorrow. *I* will have to be reading con reports.

Eeee! Jared tomorrow! Please, God, let me have enough freaking spoons.

This whole continual exhaustion thing was why I thought about just going on Sunday, because my body is pretty much falling apart at the seams and I deal with constant exhaustion... but I have no regrets unless this shit fucks with tomorrow. I am gonna try really hard to stay into the night so that I can get my pictures that day and everything... but if I run out of spoons I am going home early again. There is nothing else for it. So I may miss a lot of stuff. But like I have said, I just want my hug from Jared.

However! Now I have been at the mic, so I am totally ready to ask Jared my question IF I have the spoons. I dunno if everyone will find my question interesting, and I am absolutely, positively going to write it down and read it off of a paper like a huge dork. Because that is better than chickening out.

So watch this space for that. :)
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Small con, but more people than I expected were there considering the events started midday-ish on a Friday. SO GLAD I GOT TO SEE CHAD. When I went to SF, our plane hadn’t even touched down when Gabriel Tigerman was on, although I would have seen him at karaoke but eh.

I am home before karaoke now, too. Karaoke would have been way late and there would have been a lot of hurry up and wait... If only my Kindle were happier I could bring it but I am missing a wire from it... I totally win at things technological *rolls eyes*

Anyway, Chad was great. He totally said he missed the mullet and that it was in fact bringing sexy back, which is a callback to like season 3 fandom, and this vid. God, I heart Chad so much.

Chad also told a story about a girl telling him she would get a tattoo of something if he signed her arm, so he signed her arm with All business up front, party in the back, and she came back the next day of the con with it fully inked. O.o I find that a little...weird. But it is a funny story for him to tell, and it was for real. (I think he was asked about his weirdest fan or something. The actual questions are slipping my mind more easily than the answers (since they are what’s interesting.)

It was interesting, I watched the Yes/No trivia game this time, and in round 3 there was actually a guy who was one answer away from winning.

OH OH OH there were also 3 GUYS in SPN cosplay costumes! There was a DEAN. They were behind me in the registration line, trading lines from the show and bemoaning that the crowd was all teenagers and their moms. LOL.

Also while I was loitering, probably while the freaking auction was going on, a gaggle of fangirls cornered Richard Speight (Trickster). I kind of inched closer to them as they were talking to him but kept myself on neutral ground behind a pillar, hoping to not be noticed. But he noticed me. He shook hands with the whole group of them and then me. ”Hi, I’m Richard.” :D

He likes to kind of out people who are trying to be stealth, he did a lot of that at SF Con too.

But that wasn’t my favorite moment from today. My favorite moment from today was during Alona Tal’s panel. They kept trying to trap her in endorsing Dean/Jo, implying that maybe Jo just hadn’t thought that much about it being her last night on earth and if she HAD would she have gone with Dean that night. Alona was awesome, saying that Jo grew up, and that if anything would have gone down it could have in the many, many, many years that Jo had known Dean, but it didn’t. She also commented that originally there was a lot of playing around with whether Jo would be sort of like a sister to Sam and Dean and she thought that would have been an interesting dynamic. This guy came up to the mic... His question has partially slipped my mind, but I think it was something like: Jo was introduced in S2 but then went away for 3 seasons and why did she think that was. She said that originally she was told they wanted a female Dean so she better watch season one, which she did and that was how she developed the character. And she said that basically the introduction of Jo as a potential love interest didn’t work, so they put her away until they could reintroduce her in her own right.

Anyway, something about this answer got to this guy. He said, ”That’s why you’re my favorite.” And she had a water beside her on the floor and he goes, ”Can I give you your water?” and she was pretty much like: ....okay? and then he went up to her and gave it to her and I just don’t know, it was kind of adorable. You don’t really get to see the females from SPN get a lot of love. It was cute. He was so in his happy place.

Anyway, I decided to go home after her panel because I would have had to do a whole lot of hurry up and wait at the hotel if I wanted to do karaoke. (It isn’t til 10 and I have no room there or anything.)

I wasn’t sure, but I have decided to go back tomorrow as well as Sunday. This whole con thing is SO MUCH MORE RELAXED when they come to YOU. I am really glad I decided to go, and that I got the weekend ticket. In SF I was way too stressed out by the flying and the not sleeping (Seriously epic amounts of not sleeping. Like I think in the entire time I was in SF I slept three or four hours. When I came home, I pretty much went OMG IT IS MY OWN BED and slept for two days or so.)

Dude, now if only Jensen was at this con it would be the best thing ever, but I know he never comes this far east, but man...

I am really relaxed about it now that it is actually really happening... I also have a question for Traci that I might get bold enough to ask.... WE SHALL SEE. Getting up into that line for Richard really wasn’t nerve-wracking last time, so I could probably do it for Traci...

And of course I still have my question for Jared, but on Sunday that room WILL be packed and a totally different vibe will be going on... so yeah, I dunno, I probably will just try for a hug and then block out the whole rest of the day.

Regardless, I have promised to give a good Misha report for [livejournal.com profile] bientot so I guess I will have to be paying attention.... We shall see how good my reports of those days actually are.

Oh! Almost forgot! They showed some fanvids that were pretty good this time! One was LSketch42s video evidence as to whether Dean was really Fox Mulder and Sam was a red-headed woman.... lol. This is such a fandom classic... They also showed another one that was all SamnDean in suits: Sharp Dressed Men. :) Go Lsketch! I actually liked the vids this time.

Overall? I am having SUCH a better time! (All that pretty much is owed to the fact that I am much less stressed out.)
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*does a chairdance*

I might not ever get to go to Comiccon, but I will survive--comiccon is waaaaaaaay too insane for me anyway.

Watch this space.

I am trying to figure out, as we speak, if I could knock out the SPN/QL story by that day, actually. I dunno if that would be possible. I knocked out Soldier in two weeks of solid writing, after I had already completely inhaled DA. So...probably not, considering on my rewatch I am on episode 4 of 97. Heh. I am not going to watch all five seasons to do this crossover, but still, even DA took me a couple weeks.

So I am thinking more like end of the summer, but I will probably start it sooner than I expect because... well, to be perfectly honest Scott Bakula can never be J2 and I just don’t fangirl him that way so this is going sloooow. Heh. On the other hand, because my trip got canceled the only thing on my agenda for the weekend is: WATCH QL DAMMIT. So I should be getting on doing that.

I am at the point where I am 90% sure this QL crossover is gonna happen... The other 10% is the 10% that couldn’t figure out the end of Soldier for 2 weeks. In other words: I have conquered that 10% before. Besides, I already told people I would do it, and would I want to be a liar?

But I AM going to try shutting up about this one for the most part, because otherwise my journal is going to be so annoying.


Oh yeah! Also! My friend K., who is the one who asked me to watch SPN with her, came over and we watched up through Home. O.O Home. I am not going to lie, I almost got back on quotefic and ficced to it again. I NEVER stop ficcing Home. Ever. But I reasoned with myself that everyone else has already ficced it to death over there, and that wasn’t even counting all the fics I have left over there, and did I really think I would add anything of substance besides OOH is that a closeup of Dean?

The verdict was: No, I really can’t. But man, every time I see that episode I just want to fic the shit out of it. So I may still wander back over to quotefic later. :P

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So [livejournal.com profile] jagfanlj wants me to ask a con question.

My thought process goes like this:

But I don’t want to get behind the mic! I don’t want to! I told them I don’t want to do the mic thing! I NEVER want to do the mic thing. How does ANYONE do the mic thing?

Except, ooh, if I did I could ask Jensen about--
But hmmm, if I got behind the mic then I could ask about Dark Angel because BEN--

*repeat* Seriously, my brain has done this at least three times tonight, it is SO FUCKING ANNOYING.

I know what did it, too.


She doesn’t even deserve the space on my screen to explain it.

So pissed off.

So, here’s what I’ve got. Since neither [livejournal.com profile] monicawoe or I will be able to ask Jensen anything at cons, I am putting this into the ether.

If ANY of you are doing cons, or know someone doing cons, or know someone who knows someone, and they aren’t on the east coast, could someone try to remember to ask whoever it is to ask Jensen to tell his audition story for Dark Angel’s Ben X5 and what he did to prepare for it?

Yes, I know this story is floating around in the ether somewhere but I want to hear it from him and I want to know what he did to prepare, if he remembers it.

*finds a Zelda fairy, attaches her Ben question to its leg like a carrier pigeon and hopes it gets somewhere*

3 hours til I have Smallville season 4. Now just to hear back from [livejournal.com profile] radiumgirl about how we want to arrange concurrent viewing. Because I am not crazy enough to watch this by myself. ;) Too much Tom Welling. Way too much.

I can’t believe I am going to watch Smallville. I haven’t since season 1.

All so I can watch Jensen go apeshit crazy and/or evil again, because HE IS SO GOOD AT IT OHMYGOD.

*looks into the sky after the Zelda fairy* *sighs* It probably won’t work. :P A girl can dream.
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This just in: Apparently it has become obvious to other people in the world that I am exceedingly cheap. (In fact, Gabriel used to call me the cheapest person he knew. But he is not other people.)

That’s okay, I feel that I am in good company in my cheapness. Although sometimes I do wish my dad and I hadn’t learned this skill quite so well. But IT IS OKAY. I REGRET NOTHING.

Additional episodes of White Collar are eluding me. Torrenting problems. So much for catching up so I could watch season 3 with the other fans. Maybe if I keep going at this rate I will have 2.06 in like 3 weeks.

Don’t even ask. I hate torrenting, and my ISP, so very much.

I had entertained the idea of finally, FINALLY watching all of Gilmore Girls (The Rotating Boy Toy Show as it is now called in my head) and/or catching up with Castle this hiatus. Castle I might be able to manage. Gilmore Girls would be me being highly ambitious. Heh.

Now I have the silly music in my head though. And don’t even get me started on my crush on Lauren Graham.

Yeah. I might try it. I have all summer, right? Well, 2 months or something.

Guess who is my favorite?

I promise not to ask him about Gilmore Girls at con. (Actually, I am astounded by people who can get up to the mike and just ask a question like the mere presences in the room aren’t like actively melting their brains. I DID almost ask Richard a question but I could never, EVER do it during J2 time. Ever.)

Eeee, con!


Jun. 12th, 2011 01:54 am
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More fun on the MOO.

samidha (to Cran): Do you work in a frame/photography store?

Cran nods vigorously in agreement with your ideas.

samidha: I need some frames. Do you do online business? I dont know anything about frames at all, you could give me some advice. Even if I cant order from you

Cran: At your service! :)

samidha: I have 3 8x10 photos from my con. The prints of what you saw.

Cran: I could send you something if you need it. But there's likely to be a Michaels nearby.

samidha: oh, thats right, a Michaels :)

Cran nods at you.

Cran grins.

samidha: I bet they also do web orders at a centralized site

Cran: Get them custom framed in Estate Collection frames, UV-protective Masterpiece Glass and triple-4" mats.

Cran grins.

samidha will try to pay it forward in their direction

Cran: That would be like a $500 frame ;)

You grin at Cran.

samidha: I love the guys, but I dont think that I will go that far

Cran: You don't love them enough!
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Can has Creation tickets.


Oh! I actually have news! Went to the doc today for my physical and the thing that I thought might be a fucked up bone is really a VERY unhappy, very tight (my assumption) ligament in my foot. What this means is: this really sucks hardcore, but at least it is standard issue CP/wheelchair user stuff. A shattered bone would be worse, I feel.

Of course, now we are talking about seeing orthopedic surgeons over it, which ... ugh. (My last surgery was at age 12 and I kinda would like to keep it that way but on the other hand... well. Whatever. I have other doctors to see, though, before I put that all on the table.)

So yeah. I was just kind of relieved that the thing going on with my foot is something I UNDERSTAND from years of similar problems (and a surgery to prevent this very thing way back when I was 7. Oops. CP gets worse as you age... Maybe stopping having any support for people with CP past the age of puberty is a bit of a fucking problem, society, but whatever.)

Hurts like a bitch, though, and makes for a lot of swelling.


Jun. 2nd, 2011 10:35 pm
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I have ordered tickets.

I am going to see Jared.

*is nervous*



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