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- This gratitude journal is possibly a little self-centered, I don't know. I'm grateful for myself today. I have been really improving in leaps and bounds in taking care of myself. Meditating, setting boundaries in all my (chosen) relationships, and (most importantly) knowing they are important and standing by them. In some relationships this was really easy, in others not so much, but I know the importance of maintaining them now even though in my former codependent life I didn't have any boundaries. It's a process, because I still am a chronic over-sharer and that's a boundary that's going to need a lot of work. But one thing at a time.

- I won three things in auction today: An audiobook I've wanted for about five YEARS, another anthology, and an erotic horror novel. I'm not sure when I will read the novel because I don't really do horror anymore, but it's going to be signed and it was for a really good cause.

- On the metaphysical level, I've had a sort of weird energy block going on that resolved itself yesterday, at least to such a degree that I felt it in a big way. Today I don't feel that energy all up in my space like I did yesterday, but that's okay. I know that a bunch of energy basically returned to me from afar and That Is Good. Grateful. :)

Things to do by way of LiveJournal/DW: Update more filters, post on meeting yesterday.
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So I think I've skipped like a day and a half or something. I'm not going to stress about it because ultimately part of the problem is my extreme sleeping issues which culminate in me being up for 20+ hours at a time depending. I miss time because I'm literally up for days at a time and you get kind of blurry. If I stress myself out I'm just gonna go down in the dumps and not feel that grateful. So whatever. I missed some time.

Three things:

- I'm grateful for Goodreads. It's cool. If you don't know why it's cool, go check it out. It helps you catalog your books and compare with other people, list all the stuff you're reading at once, catagorize them by shelves (actual shelves or whatever you want to call stuff, like "books about douchebags," as I've seen. LOL.) It's just fun, and has helped make reading fun again. It's kind of like having a competition with myself. Plus, serious exhibitionist, and net addict, so the idea of displaying what I'm reading and ranting about it on the Internet is pretty awesome for me. I haven't really been that into this site in the past, but I'm totally into it now.

- I am grateful for Molly, who's been checking in with me a lot and totally listening to me (and vice versa.) We have come A LONG WAY in our friendship and it's now really solid.

- I'm grateful for YouTube. SERIOUSLY, you guys. Whether it's the viral (at least in the GLBTQ community) video of the dad who got Born This Way tattooed on himself for his bisexual son (making his entire family cry), or videos of sloths or red pandas or dogs or cats, or badly-spelled lyrics videos of my favorite songs, YouTube is just the shit. (Except for that goddamn Kony video.) I even found my new favorite meditation on there, which has literally made a world of difference in my life.


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