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Fannish Master Post: Fic and sundry.

Organization of this page is subject to change. I am working on updating/cleaning this up as of 8/11/17.

The ubiquitous disclaimer thing:
Unless otherwise noted explicitly, this is all fanfiction, wrought for the purposes of entertainment and maybe a little experimentation. I make no profit and am only aiming to amuse myself and maybe some other people.

Links are being updated. My AO3 account was purged (by me) for a while, but now the same named account will work. Links to individual works will be different so I am slowly fixing this post, as well as uploading everything to AO3. Big project. Ongoing.


Note: My series (Armaments, Of Dreams and Demons, Wind Shear, Photographs, Metamorphosis, 'verses) can be found (and downloaded in ereader formats including PDFs) at AO3.

All series (Armaments, Of Dreams and Demons 'verse (now trimmed and COMPLETE with outtakes as well), Wind Shear 'verse, Photographs 'verse, a brand new nonbinary Dean 'verse and my American Gods series' can be found here):



The thing that is not a man pays a visit to the Winchesters on November 2, 1983, and things don't go quite as anyone would expect from then on.

https://archiveofourown.org/series/755235 Now transposed from a 'verse into a single chaptered document on AO3, 2 additional outtakes. The main arc is 53k.

Wind Shear 'verse

Wind Shear
This is what's left for Sam now. 4.01/hiatus stuff:

July 4, 2008, Sam is alone.



And The Armaments Fall to Ash
The summer before Sam's senior year of high school, John Winchester is more caught up in solo hunting than the boys have ever seen him before. When an incubus' curse befalls Dean, it's up to Sam to save his brother while the curse tests the boundaries of his relationship with Dean. There are no easy answers and soon both boys are feeling the effects as their lives spin out of control. Guest-starring YED and other denizens of hell.

Outtakes also listed in the series:
A Painted Map Across Your Skin
Sam dreams of Dean. And dreams of Dean. And dreams of Dean. S1 timestamp for Armaments. Gen

Sam shows his badassery to his Stanford cohorts. S1 timestamp for Armaments. Gen


A 6.11 coda in 3 parts, best enjoyed together.

Memories Like Photographs
When faced with the impossible, Dean made a choice. Now there's nothing left but to face it.
Sam slept for three solid days.

Monochrome to Color
Sam has woken up. He has some catching up to do.
On the second day after Sam woke up, it rained.

Developing Equilibrium
It’s been nearly two weeks at Bobby’s, and the boys are itching for the road.
The days were running together...

Soulless Sam 'verse.
Sam watches Dean for four straight days. Then he goes somewhere that he remembers.

Sam finishes his work in Cold Oak.



Simple Wish
The boys have somewhere they need to be, stat. - 1/24/11

The darkness of Dean's Hell.

Dean and the Impala in Bobby’s yard.

Paint by Number
Proof of a shared past. Prompt: ”Go to hell.” - Sam

It’s been a long, lonely time for Sam. There isn’t even comfort in his dreams.

Sam, in the fall, taking what he wants. Pre-series.

Hell Follows With Him
The Impala weighs in regarding Sam. 6.05 tag of sorts.

The Errand
Bobby doesn't know what it is about this demon that makes him say yes. - Bobby/Crowley

John watches his two silent sons.

Dean is living on instincts. (S4)

Winchester Currency
For a year and a half I do nothing but lie to Jessica, and you go out with this chick in Ohio a couple of times, and you tell her everything?! Dean!

Sam watches from afar. He has his reasons. (S5-6 hiatus)

Sam in the Cupboard
Honey, somebody shrunk the Sam.

Sam on the Hunt
Sam is going to find his father.

Yellow Eyes Look Good On You
When Sam Winchester plays Monopoly, it effects the economy. Crack.
Spoilers for S3 finale.

The One Where Sam is Totally Dazzling, Baby
Sam has become... distinct. Dean's just trying to deal, okay?

Jess has a surprise for Sam.

On a Thin Phone Line
Sam's been dreaming again. Spoilers for 5.03-.04

Moving Toward Forgiveness
Sam is Dean's brother. That's all Dean wants him to know right now.

One Thing Sam Learned About His Brother D/s Sam/Dean ficlet, sub!Dean

Hedonism: Not Just for Bobby Singer
Pam can't see, but she can use every other sense she has, and she's got more than most. Pamela/Sam/Dean, light D/s

Moving in Sync
Sam and Dean may finally be on their own terms. Sam/Dean

Cat and Mouse
Year thirty, day one.

Dean in a grey, grey room on the edge of somewhere, and alone. S4 spoilers. Summer hiatus S4-5

Growing the Family Business Sam/Jess
"I can't go. I've been having these dreams."

Matters of Agency
Sam's grief over Jess opens him to a succubus attack. Sam/Jess, Sam/Succubus, Sam/Dean

The Prophet Chuck: Lying Liar Who Lies (By Omission)
Sam experiences extreme emotional distress after discovering that their fangirls think he's a necrophiliac. Dean confronts this problem with his Righteous Brotherly Rage(TM).

The Hunt that Sam Contrived.
The great Bobby Singer inspires Sam to go on a hunt. For a guy who can stop time, what the--? (Crossover, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)

Fire in the Snow.
Sam and Dean accompany their father on a hunt in the Rocky Mountains and encounter adventures of their own. (Wee!chesters)

The Rules.
Dean has an encounter with the opposite sex. It may not go as you expect. (Teen!Dean)

Names and Places
There are things Jess Moore understands even if she doesn't know the why. Drabble.

The Truth in the Lie Sam/Jess Sam/Dean
Prompt: Reunion kiss before and after Jess makes an appearance.

Faith In You
Sam finds an unexpected respite. Sam/Jess PWP
Written for Sweet Charity for [livejournal.com profile] random00b

The Extremely Repetative Musical Education of Sam Winchester, Errant College Boy Sam/Jess, implied Sam/Dean
Repetative music makes Sam cranky. Crack.

This is what grief does to Sam Winchester. (Spoilers for 3.16)

The Summons Home.
Things are changing for Dean Winchester, and maybe they shouldn't....
Written for the Powers of Precog challenge at [livejournal.com profile] sammessiah. Speculative/ep AU for 4.01. Placed third.

Sam’s been missing for two weeks. He lets Dean find him. Sam/Dean (PG-13)

Five Directions The Story Didn't Take
Five things that did not happen to the boys, but could have. 5 drabbles in 5 AUs.

Episodic Fic

The Burn.
A look at the emotional consequences of Dean's mother's death. (Post-pilot. Wee!Dean.)

Fraying At The Edges
Dean's been stuck in Palo Alto with a grieving Sam for two days. He has an idea.

The Message
John is in Lawrence, and he has to make a choice. Spoilers for Home.

No Excuses
Episodic fiction for A Very Supernatural Christmas. Sam finds out the truth, Dean and John react. Prompted fic, full prompt inside.

To Begin Again
Sam lets Dean know he does not think he is loved anymore. 4.01 AU fic.

No Quarter
Lilith is the premier succubus. Dean knows that very well. (Gen-ish. Episodic for Yellow Fever, missing scene.)

Sam and Dean deal with reality in the only way that makes sense. Together. 4.22 coda

Sam's second round of withdrawal.

Sam faces reality while Dean sleeps. 4.16 On the Head of a Pin

Choice 4.21, drabble.
They've made their choices.

Iron and Blood 4.20
Dean's only plan is to turn the car for Bobby's.


“A Very Supernatural Christmas”
The Ghosts of Christmas Past: The Weechesters in A Very Supernatural Christmas
For [livejournal.com profile] spnbookclub.

Fic list coming soon.

And... the one-offs. :)


For Rita
Dexter evaluates his recent actions. Spoilers for S2 finale.

Harry Potter

Red Leather. Hermione/Ron. Ron manages to surprise Hermione with something interesting from plain old Muggle London.


Fic list coming soon.
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