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THIS POST NOW SIGNIFCANTLY OUT OF DATE to be fixed later. Same with my master post.
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To shorten the bidding period there's a browsing week for Fandom Trumps Hate. It opened this evening, so here they are:

The blog: https://fth2019offerings.dreamwidth.org/
My entry: https://fth2019offerings.dreamwidth.org/150387.html

I am offering Supernatural, Black Sails, and Original Work. I'm one of 27 SPN creators offering (among them are MonicaWoe and RivkaT!) and one of 3 for Black Sails. One of 17 for Original Work.

I might bid on a podficcer but it depends...

Anyway that's my promo post and... I don't know if it will result in bids. We'll see.
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I really enjoyed doing an Original Works Exchange last year. Just for clarity's sake, now there's more than one exchange for Original Works! Which is great. The mechanisms work the same way as for a fandom exchange (nominating characters and ships, and matching), but the characters are original. I can assure you it's very fun.

Here is the fandom calendar post with more information on this exchange, and if people feel inclined to promote/plug it, it would help a new exchange get off the ground!

Original Works Exchange at Fandom Calendar.

Nominations are currently open! The tag set is here! https://archiveofourown.org/tag_sets/2789
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Signups for Fandom Trumps Hate end tonight. I guess this is real, I'm doing this this year! Everything will be set up on the 18th, and I'm not sure if I even believe I'll be bid on or anything. I have taken several hiatuses from fandom mostly due to health, and I am only remembered by certain people. (That being said, I'm really tropey in my own way and maybe people are into those tropes? I've written a lot since 2017 when I came back. Several novellas and whatnot.)

IDK I'm nervous about this! If anyone wants to cheer me on/cheer me up, feel free. I did do Sweet Charity when it was running. And I have a few experiences under my belt with exchanges, so I used those experiences to help guide this one when I set it up.

Ahhhh. So yeah anyway, I'll write whatever people want, although the fandoms I signed up for were Supernatural and Black Sails, and I also offered Original Fiction. Because original fiction is a thing that I do. Not as often as I used to, but I do do the thing. I dunno there were so many fandoms I could have offered, but I'm on a Black Sails kick again. Also, BS is highly political, and FTH is a tad more political than Sweet Charity was.

Anyway I think I can do the thing. BUT NERVES.

If you've ever wanted to ask me for a story...you can.

I would also bid on a podficcer if I could... Goodness, I'd love for a few of my fics to be in audio....

If you'd like to look at the type of stuff I write I'm either samidha (in my old fandom life pre-2017) or roguefaerie (2017 and forward) on AO3.

Apologies that I don't have direct links to a lot of favorite fic. (I'm heading to sleep and a bit foggy right now.) But you'll be able to see some links and stuff in my official listing going live on the 18th.

We shall see what happens.
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I forgot one thing in my update. I signed up for Fandom Trumps Hate this year. I did Sweet Charity when it was running, and it was overall a good, challenging experience. I'm a little bit nervous about this year. I haven't been very active in fandom discussions since I've been back, and so I kinda doubt anyone will be chomping at the bit to bid on my work. I also gave a lot of caveats to try to avoid a bad experience. We'll see how it goes. If you've ever wanted me to custom-write a story for you, it's a possibility this year. I signed up in Supernatural, Black Sails, and with Original Work. Length depends on the amount bid, with an upper limit.

Signups are I think closing Feb 1 and then there's some browsing time before the bidding period. I would consider bidding on a podficcer, but I just can't to be honest. There is still a small chance of one of my works getting podficced this year though, by a friend who's curious to try but I'm not sure if that'll become a thing.

Anyway so that's my little post about FTH. When a link is available I'll provide it. It's being hosted this year on DW instead of Tumblr.
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I'm not sure if I'll be doing any yearly roundup in terms of fandom or my writing, but I thought since I usually add a few people a year to this journal as friends it might be time for a little summary of things.

Writing, reading, books, TV, cats, identity stuff...

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I'm not sure what else to say, but if anyone has any catching up type questions I'm happy to answer them.
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First of all whoever receives me in this challenge, I want you to write what you are going to have fun writing and be comfortable with.

A little bit in general about ships and gen
I am the 'fade to black faerie' among my friends, meaning that I'm happy with things heavily implied and a fade to black kind of scenario or light sex scenes. I do have heavy ships but I'm happy with gen fics as well, even if we are exchanging around Valentine's Day. :) I did not pick any relationships that are weird to me but I just enjoy light, gen fics. (Not so much crack, but I'm happy with fluff, lazy Sunday morning, times when things feel wholesome. It's a tenet of my own time in fandom that for the most part keeping a note of wholesomeness helps.

If you have any questions after reading my letter I'm happy to answer anything that comes from a mod or whatever you need to do.

A little bit about me:

I'm polyamory-friendly, gender-bend friendly (I'm trans and nonbinary) and I'm disabled. I would not want fics to be anti any of these things. If you are writing a disabled character for me, that is really awesome. I put some disabled characters in the tagset. The thing is, though, it can't be inspiration porn, or anti-disability, amd definitely, DEFINITELY not anti-trans. (If you need to look up what Inspiration Porn is, Stella Young has a good TED Talk on it and some articles.


I'm really adamant that if you're actively anti-trans I really don't want any of that in my fic. If you want to gender-bend I am 100% for it if it is not anti-me. Any bigotry that is put into a fic for me should only be there if it's going to be addressed well as a negative.

The fandoms in no particular order


I love Colleen, Misty, Luke, Jessica, and Claire. I don't ship anyone with Danny, but I pretty much ship anyone within the group I've mentioned in terms of favorite characters. I don't like Matt and I didn't select anything with him so if he could be absent that would be great.


I ship Sam/Jess and Sam/Jess/anyone. I ship polyamorous ships here. I ship the disabled characters (if it can be respectfully written). This is my long-standing fandom. I like the characters at any age or in any situation, and it's cool if it's a little timey wimey, has ghosts, or whatever else.


This is a favorite movie. I love the dark comedy aspect which I feel like Col. Hart adds a lot of. So I'd love a fic with him in it. Ives is "my cannibal," and I love Robert Carlyle, but I'd be happy with a gen fic where they are just cannibals together, or Col. Hart is just funny.

Sliding Doors

Another favorite movie. Currently on Netflix if you need a refresher. I don't want anything with Gerry in it but other than that I'm happy with whatever you come up with. It's timey wimey with parallel realities so feel free to employ any of that.


My favorite part of the show is Lito's little family. And I love mind melds. You can't go wrong with exploring how the non-sensates deal, how they might feel as sensate adjacent (latent skill? Form their own cluster? frustration with the cluster?)


I *love* this show and just saw it recently. It's intense in the beginning but getting the flow was so worth it. I'm a disabled person (disabled is not a bad word) and I have a fascination with freakshows. I'll be happy with any fic for this fandom. One note is I wrote Samson & OFCs because of a scene in which Samson encountered sex workers--this can be shippy if you want though. It doesn't have to be 100% gen. My only request is no Justin/Iris or Justin shippiness in general because Justin is too creepy.

Practical Magic (movieverse please!)

The movie is so wholesome. It comes from 30 pages of the book. Please don't use the book 'verse. Other than that I'll literally take anything in this vein.

Black Sails

My favorite character is Miranda, and I love the idea of her fostering things between James and Thomas. I love James before he is Flint or anything about his transition to becoming Flint. I love ghosts and paranormal stuff, and anything that deals with emotional processing/grief, etc. I am also totally here for any of the women characters and/or ships with the queer women.

Babylon 5

I love love love the teeps. I would love to see an expansion of Talia/Ivanova or some kinda shippy, mind-breaking kinda thing with Lyta and Kosh, now that that ship's been suggested in the exchange. I love the anarchist faction of the teeps and I see a disability parallel like whoa. Other favorite characters are G'Kar and Franklin, not that they need to be in the fic, but just to give you an idea of what I like.
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I'm enjoying being back here. I don't have a lot to say because I burned out on a larger blogging project many years ago, but I am re-engaging a bit with fandom where it feels comfortable and I will periodically be back. I'm gearing up for a B5 rewatch.... and gathering Yuletide recs.
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I'm really, really bad at these. Ultimately I want you to enjoy writing for me. So, please take these sparse guidelines as intentionally so.

Things I really like: Mind melds, psychic stuff, telepathy, comfortable and nurturing relationships. Deep friendships and queerplatonic relationships.

Things that are DNW for this exchange: (for all prompts except succubi/incubi): No dub con or non con unless it is basically canonical, like with an incubus. Basically no pointless or extraneous rapey stuff. I'm a survivor, and I know how succubi and incubi work and I use that as a bit of processing, but please tread carefully. Also DNW is basically adult/child pairings. Again, I'm a survivor.

I'd like something kinda wholesome-ish and not intentionally gratuitous. I'm totally cool with and in fact enjoy/prefer kinda fade to black scenarios since I have survived some pretty horrific stuff.

Also, not strictly a DNW but kinda... abuse coming from a mother figure, please handle with care or avoid, unless "karma" is swift and just (in which case have at).

Thank you. :)
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For the Once Upon fic exchange.

I apologize that it took me a little bit to write this letter. Life has been very life-y, and I find these letters hard to do and don't want to put anyone in a bind of being too restricting. Ultimately what I would like is a story which reflects your style. :) And I love these characters, so any representation will be a positive for me.

That said, here are some specifics.

General likes: Magical realism, horror (esp. psych horror and body horror. I'm recently very into Del Toro films although that's really just a "where my brain is" thing, I know they're "off the table" as actual films but basically that aesthetic is amazing. Disabled and freakish characters kicking ass!), psychological workings of the characters.

Some specifics about the things I chose:

Request 1 by roguefaerie (samidha)
Fandom:Rumpelstilzchen | Rumpelstiltskin (Fairy Tale)
Rumpelstilzchen | Rumpelstiltskin

I love Rumple in some retellings. I see him as very, very fae (a faery) and I want to know what makes him tick. I identify with him in some retellings.

Fandom:Schneewittchen | Snow White (Fairy Tale)
Any Character

I think I nominated Snow White and the Queen for this. Snow, Glass, Apples by Neil Gaiman is a favorite retelling (it focuses on the psychology of the Queen). It was very unique. I identify heavily with Snow White in some retellings and I love the idea of getting into the psychology, deeply, of either of these characters.

Fandom:Ragnars saga loðbrókar | Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok
No rating

Ívar beinlausi Rangarsson | Ivar the Boneless

As I wrote in my prompt: He was a disabled warrior and ruthless. He also was trying to be a hero for his people. I would prefer if these types of things were emphasized, without horrible ableism. Ivar is Ragnar's son and I love him as a disabled "bad guy" but would also love to see his psychology explored. He's a small part of the saga, but a big part of history. I am a disabled person and writer, so I do know when things that are written are "off" but I still would really appreciate any Ivar story.

Request 4 by roguefaerie (samidha)
Fandom:Anansi and Mr. Able (Jamaica Anansi Stories)

I love love love love love love love Anansi. I identify with his work as a trickster god and also the god of writers and storytelling (weaving a tale). How in weaving a tale, you can really take it anywhere, and you can lie, or inspire, and you can do both. Anansi frequently saves his own butt with his storytelling ability. I am familiar with a fair number of his stories, but picked this one because of the idea of "Mr. Able," which I thought was funny. I'm more familiar with the tales of Anansi from Chinua Achebe's work and less so this tale, but really, I just love Anansi and want to see him represented on the site.

Fandom:Den lille Havfrue | The Little Mermaid - Hans Christian Andersen

This is my favorite fairytale of all time (in the original form. From my original notes: This is said to be written about the writer's struggles with homosexuality. It also is (on more than one front) a narrative on disability. I would love for the disability angle to be explored with some care.

Fandom:Thor's Wedding | Thrymskvitha (Norse Religion & Lore)
Þórr | Thor (Norse Religion & Lore) Loki (Norse Religion & Lore)
A focus on Loki would be great.

I am a Norse pagan, so the stories of Ragnar, Loki, and Thor have significance for me. I am working a lot with Loki right now and would love a tale on Loki's logic in the myth of Thor's wedding. I also just love the idea of Thor happily agreeing to be gender bent by Loki. I mean, there's just so much here that is perfect, it's a myth that inspires me as a disabled and transgender human.

I'd love a focus on either of their psychologies in this but especially Loki because I am building a rapport with him in my Norse work right now. A focus on why Thor agrees though would also be great. :)
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I've been meaning to do this rec list for a little while.

I'm sort of an old-school SPN fan: I'm from BC or Before Cas. It colors what I would rec. So if some recs from The Before-Time would bother you, this post isn't really for you, but many of the people who read my work are also from Before Cas. If you'd like to see some foundational recs from the fandom, in the beginning, I've got some of those. These are the recs that pulled me in and kept me coming back.

My first believable Wincest: Credit in the Straight World by ninhursag: https://archiveofourown.org/works/73764

Some Azazel and his Special Children: Captured by the Game by Rivkat: https://archiveofourown.org/works/1389 (There is also a podfic)

Podfic also of The Time Traveler's Brother, my favorite crossover/retelling, that's better than the original in my mind: https://archiveofourown.org/works/434611

And one I saw come together by Tahirire (gen but very touchy feely/hits you in the feels):
Spirit 'verse, an S3 hiatus fic, enough said:


Red by BigPink, old-timey but so good, gen: (here it is on ff net, it's also on LJ if you google it: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3169840/1/Red

And Something Gold from SPN J2 Big Bang 2008:


I also rec the SPN works of monicawoe for some great Boy King of Hell Sam. There are many, and they're all great.

There are so many others, some lost to time. But these are some that stay with me, reminding me why I loved this fandom so, so very much and why I keep coming back.
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I wasn't sure, but I'm doing the Once Upon fic exchange, although still working on my signup. It's fairy tales/myth/tall tales.

Also, beginning the process of becoming cat parent to cat #2. I haven't met the cat yet, but the first time I'm going to the shelter is tomorrow.
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Nominating some things for a fairytale fic exchange.... Should potentially have some interesting results.

For Holly Poly, some of the results:

I wrote this, in which a happy ending was requested so I built an AU/first meeting story (Black Sails, lots of poly, magical realism): https://archiveofourown.org/works/13034445 (Primarily Flint/Thomas/Miranda, secondarily Jack/Anne/Max

I also wrote this, and I think it was the only Supernatural story in the challenge. Mind meld. Dean/Meg/Cas


Here's a few of my favorites in the fest:

The rest of the Black Sails fandom tag for this fest: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/holly_poly_2017/tags/Black%20Sails/works

And a cool Arthurian story (Lance, Gwen, Arthur): https://archiveofourown.org/collections/holly_poly_2017/tags/Arthurian%20Mythology/works

I wasn't as much familiar with the other fandoms, so this is what I've got. There was some original work as well.
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All right! I have started to befriend new people on Dreamwidth, so here's a "this is life" now post.

- I'm an LGBT (B & T) activist active with an offshoot of ACT UP.

- I'm out as nonbinary and basically consider myself to be fae-gender. This is culturally relevant to me.

- I have a lot of fannish thoughts. I left fandom for about 5 years but I'm back now as I discovered I still have lots of those characters in the back of my head. Most close to my heart is Dean Winchester, but I've really been getting to know Sam this year and it's been a generally good thing. Also I definitely developed a crush on Jessica Moore this year and I have no shame about that. ;)

- I write a lot of fanfiction. I don't write every single day, but it's close, and I try to post fic regularly as like a...stream of consciousness kind of thing. But it's mostly on my AO3 and in comms, because I have to straighten out things here before posting them here makes that much sense.

- I am a cat parent of an emotional support animal now. And I'll soon have two. My current cat's name is Fuzzle. I'll get pics here at some point!

- I'm a Norse pagan with some overlap into Christianity because I can't completely erase the stuff I was raised with, I've tried.

I may add more to this post over time.

Next post will be some fannish thoughts. :)
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So it's really hard for me to write this type of prompting letter type thing--this is only my second attempt of being in a challenge where they are even allowed. I write a lot for other people but I don't usually get writing back, so it's just a little weird for me.

This also is really long and I'm sorry for that, I'm very rambly and I usually am not in exchanges. This is only my second exchange letter. Please don't look at this as super demanding, just go with what resonates with you. :)

I edited this a few times since posting, because it was so hard to do, so feel free to refresh it.

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Well, all, I'm (samidha) back, mostly to port my fic over to my newer AO3 account. Yes, this is both good and bad. It should give you a snapshot of my mental health right now, but I'm doing whatever I can while chaos reigns/rains in the rest of the world.

I know my master post is broken, but I'm slowly going through tags and porting. My series are all there, so it's just some misc. comment fics and one shots that aren't there yet. Oh yeah, and this summer I finished _Of Dreams and Demons_, leaving in some of the gaps because I'm never good at those and fixing it would have taken years more of writing. So it's still a 'verse, but it finally has an ending. In total I have 8 series (not all are Supernatural). I'm branching out into crossovers and other fandoms right now because American Gods, my absolute precious, is now on air.

So anyway, will be fixing things around here slowly, very slowly, including on AO3.

So here's my new account. https://archiveofourown.org/users/samidha/

I do not have a LJ anymore and I never will, due to the Russia stuff.
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This journal is mixed friends-only and public, except fiction which is, at this point, always locked. If you want to read my fan fiction, which is public, it can be found here: http://samidha.dreamwidth.org/1207016.html. I am no longer writing nor responding to said fanfic, as my attention has returned to my original writing and social justice issues. For an introduction to who I am, read here: http://samidha.dreamwidth.org/tag/intro
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New journal created. Unsure exactly when I will be contacting folks...it'll be a bit labor intensive and I am about to leave on a trip. So it might not be til after I get back on or about July 1.

After I have invited everyone, I'll give it about two weeks maybe and then delete/purge this monstrosity.

Remember, I'm inviting everyone personally because I'm keeping this one really private as I don't want my abuser to be able to find it (not that I think she'd look, but who knows, she's a psycho. More on that later, I'm sure, at the new digs.



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