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I finished Smallville S4.

All I can say is...wow. I gave that show a chance, and it even had Jensen, and it was still *terrible*. Even the Jensen parts. Because basically it was all a lie. Or something. I don’t even know. It was just TERRIBLE. The characters can’t even keep their stories straight, especially not Jason. What the fuck even just happened?

It ended on a *cliffie* oooooooh... I will not be bothering.

I really can’t believe this thing ran for 10 years but I guess such is the power of the Superman franchise.

Now if only I felt like I could write today. I will probably put in an hour with Write or Die, just to keep taking the fic in the direction it is supposed to go, but something is off about my main plan. Argh. Oh well, a draft is a draft, right?
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So I am figuring out logistics for this crazy plan [livejournal.com profile] radiumgirl and I have to watch Smallville season 4 to see Jensen playing Jason Teague. One person tells me Jason Teague turns batshit and evil, another person tells me Lana turns batshit and evil and kills Jason. Personally I am all about evil!Jensen especially after seeing BEN, OH MY GOD CAN I KEEP HIM IN MY POCKET FOREVER? He wouldn’t kill me, he only puts his barcode on dudes, duh.

Okay, so yeah, here is my plan:

June 24+ (ongoing): Figure out how the hell to reliably stream TV episodes already.

Figure out a date with Radiumgirl and start watching Smallville. If I am limited to one episode a day via megavideo I guess I can deal with that. I mean, it’s Smallville. How much of it can I really take?

June 26-ish: I should have most of Dark Angel via downloads.

July 5 (birthday): Buy Dark Angel. (See? Pirating is not evil.)

Once I finish Smallville, then I will be free to go in the wayback machine and start Gilmore Girls again. So I think, realistically, I will probably be watching it when con rolls around. BUT I will still refrain from goofy Gilmore Girls questions. I would say he has probably gotten them all already, but actually, the Gilmore Girls crowd and the SPN crowd don’t have a terrible amount of overlap, my theory on this being that SPN people don’t want to watch a duo show about chicks, women’s rights, and disposable boy toys.

I am going to give it a try, however, although I deeply suspect I will be skipping a lot of episodes and I cannot promise even myself that I will get through the last season, since THEY DESTROYED DEAN but whatever, man. So yeah. I am gearing up for it. Sookie! Jackson! Lane! Get back in my life! (I was going to list Lorelei but then I remembered all she does is kick man after man after man to the curb and that just gets tiring. But Lane and Sookie are so awesome you guys!

Somewhere in there I will continue to catch up on White Collar, but at the rate I am going with it I will probably also be watching season 3 in downloads, NOT on time with you guys who turned me onto the show. Oh man, and there is Castle. When am I EVER going to catch up on Castle?

But back to Gilmore girls for a second. Was just thinking how I love all the secondary characters. Well, okay, most of them. I used to like Rory a lot more, too, in my high school and college days, but being a bookworm almost to her level actually never helped me much the second I got out of college, soooo... yeah. She is less interesting now.

Man, that show had a full seven seasons, I dunno if I can take all the fast talking.

Before fandom I watched no TV. Like, none. Zero. :P Well okay, I watched season 1 of Gilmore Girls, pretty much. :P

I used to be a huge movie dork, did a lot of movie watching for my independent projects in college (I once wrote a paper on disability in film for which I watched about 4 movies per weekend for about two months to get the paper done. Movies are my poison. :P)
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The Secret Circle? They are not making another L J Smith series into TV, are they? I loved The Secret Circle even more than Vampire Diaries...

Oh shit, some kind of episode is on.

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6.22 (!!!!!! OMG.)
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They hate me in spnp chat now, but overall I gotta say I am pleased, and THANK YOU GUYS

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Argh. So the other day I saw a post of the next 6 episodes of the SPN anime (Well it was 1-12, but I already have 1-6) dubbed by Jared and I was like: I will TOTALLY remember where these were posted, and I was freaking wrong. They were .mkv files and there were twelve of them although you could only see all the links at the person’s journal. Does anyone remember where these were? D:

I downloaded one and went to sleep, sure I would be able to find them in the morning, but my memory basically *doesn’t exist* anymore and so... fail.

If anyone can hook me up with the next six episodes.... I will love you forever. Heh.

(What can I say, I think I am addicted to Jared voicing Sam.)

All I can tell you is that it was in a comm, on LJ, and I am pretty sure it was not dean_sam.
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So I pretty much wrote myself into a corner in ODAD ’verse. This is what happens when you nurse a fic bunny for three years and then divert from your original plan (and also lose a lot of brain cells along the way.) This is kind of why I almost abandoned the project. I knew I was gonna get to a certain point and not be able to write what I see in my head effectively enough.

I am taking a break and watching the SPN anime. I slept from like six thirty til eleven so I have been up in the middle of the night again and apparently watching animation gives me a headache (No surprises there. Reading comics does the same thing.)

Totally inconsequential thoughts on episodes 1-6 under the cut. Seriously. I am not going very meta about any of this. But it will tell you a little about how they handled some stuff in the animation.

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So I have accounts at DW, LJ and AO3 now. In fandom terms, I have arrived. (Damn, DW is so much cooler than LJ, but I do keep telling myself that LJ had to come first to be improved upon. Cause LJ will always be where I hung my hat and all my angst for ten years. So, ya know.)

Because of the recent LJ fuckery, I decided to bite the bullet and put all of my fic onto AO3. Even my one solid meta, as well. I am in the process. Previously I had only been putting my greatest hits on the site. I have very no fics that I want to forget, but only a handful that I am really proud of. Basically because they mark certain milestones in my life. I am proud of some of the porn, because there was a period after some sketchy RL stuff that I stopped being able to porn. (And in fact I am back in can’t-porn land now and it sucks.) I am proud of some of the Dean-voice because there was a period when I ate, slept, breathed and musiced with Dean in mind. Pretty hard-core.

Throughout the AO3 winnowing process I picked out a few fics that I thought deserved re-linking. I call these fics the Nostalgia Files now, as most of them were written in 2008-2009. My early fandom days.

I bring you one today. (I was going to wait until my import was done, but since I fucked that up... I am just gonna link this one.)

This one gets a mention because when I went to start transferring it to AO3 I had to reread it and when I did, I loled. Oh, God, this one is so Dean I cannot even. DEAN. I love you so hard, man, and I remember when writing you was easy as getting out of bed in the morning.

I miss those days. But at least reading older fics can make me laugh a little bitterly about it.

(Where did the Dean-samidha brain meld go? Well, that is a really long story that belongs to me and me alone. But there are still artifacts.)

So without further ado I bring you The One Where Sam is Totally Dazzling, Baby.

Crack, preseries, narrated by our Dean. Written for tahirire all those many moons ago.

Nostalgia time, folks. Or maybe just an introduction to my gen Dean and Sam:


Un-pretty code due to keyboard issues.

Crossposted to LJ if I am lucky.


Also also, got a Dean bunny while I was out today, and I am working on the next chapter of ODAD. There will be new fic, whether or not the importer gets its shit together, in relative short order.


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