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You guys remember I was talking about my somewhat aged fanmixes? Well I just *found them all*. Including a tiny one I made for Sam and Jess, for when I was writing Faith in You, the Sam/Jess Sweet Charity piece.

Holy crap, all this music. I haven’t listened to it in so long.

I fear the Sam and Dean mixes probably didn’t age well. But the Sam/Jess and John ones are probably servicable, considering both characters have been gone a long time.

Oh, these playlists. Counting Crows and Barenaked Ladies and of course SNOW PATROL...Hahahahaha ahem I mean I am totally over associating Snow Patrol and Sam and Dean. Yep. Totally. ;) Who’s with me?

Man, these are so OLD. But I love them nonetheless. I defied Dean and intentionally made Chick [Flick] Music mixes, cause girlie folk is what I listen to, generally speaking. So far Dean hasn’t disowned me, not even over the Wincest one... Oh man, I am gonna have to listen to these all today.

My old Mac may not be worth much except for playing Heroes of Might and Magic and playing MP3s, but it has my *life* on it pre-meltdown and brainfuckery. Kind of surreal.

Sam is very much on my brain today, actually. Wonder what that means.
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I made my TV on the Radio mix. It is mostly their older stuff. I am not as familiar with the newer stuff and I haven’t got the new album which was the last one with Gerard Smith on it...

It is on the shorter end - 7 tracks - so it is kinda like a tribute EP.

Details under here:

Read more... )

Download it here: hxxp://www.4shared.com/file/Kr9VDax-/TV_on_the_Radio_Tribute_Mix.html
(turn the Xs to Ts.)
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A long time ago (in fandom time), I made a whole buttload of fanmixes. I am pretty sure I have a generic SamnDean canon mix, a Wincest mix, and character study mixes for John, Sam, and Dean. The DLs expired, and all of these were compiled in season 4. Also, I don’t have one for Castiel. Would these be too dated or would people be interested in them?

You can find track listings under my fanmixes tag.

No, I do not have the proper handle on the later seasons to make a better set of fanmixes... and it would take me a while to recompile them because my mp3s are now pretty much on a nearly dead box that only serves as my mp3 jukebox and has no interwebs. So I would really only do this if people would like to DL them, honestly. But I just thought I would ask. I heard a few of the songs from the Wincest mix in the last few days and got all nostalgic. (Yes, out of all of them it was my favorite. Heh.)

Also: RIP Gerard Smith.

It was listening to TV on the Radio tracks that inspired this whole thing. Now I can’t turn them off. God, what an amazing band. I love their acapella stuff so much.
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Public post, 'cause I'm probably going to pimp this later.

Well, pimping in a minute. Right now: Oooo the Jared Eyecon panel has happened, and he has the photobook! We made speechless!Jared! And teary!Jared! Okay! Fandom is definitely full of weird, but we also rule.

(For those of you joining the party, there was a photobook made of 200+ fan photos with Jared, and then donations were taken toward the cost, the excess going to The Animal Rescue Site. We raised $5000 after paying for the book.)

I cannot wait for video of this, you guys. Also: JARED VOTES FOR EVIL!SAM. [livejournal.com profile] tahirire, I expect your report of this groundbreaking news to make the rounds at the appropriate (dark!boys) comms, okay? ;)

In other news of fandom rocking and raising money, don't forget about Sweet Charity. You can buy a fic from me to benefit Invisible Children. There are 130 other people signed up, which you can see at the link. :)

Okay. But also. I completed my John mix! And I swear, I am going to take a break from fanmixing after this, okay? But I had to do it, because I.... well. I did it. ;)

So without further ado I bring you the mix, which is not perfect, as usual, but is definitely thematically awesome.

Track list above the cut, lyrical evidence under the cut.

1. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man
2. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fortunate Son
3. Shawn Mullins – Shimmer (Young!John re: wee!Dean and Mary)
4. Johnny Cash – I Walk The Line (John and Mary)
5. Jimi Hendrix – The Wind Cries Mary
6. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Give Me Back My Bullets
7. David Bowie & Queen – Under Pressure
8. Yellowcard – Gifts and Curses
9. Shawn Colvin – Get Out of This House (John and Sam)
10. Dar Williams – Mercy of the Fallen
11. Johnny Cash – I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (S1, esp. Home)
12. The Pixies: There Goes My Gun (John hunting, S1)
13. Mark Geary – Atrophy (Devil’s Trap)
14. The Pogues – If I Should Fall From Grace With God (IMTOD)

Download it!

Spammy lyrical evidence under here )

Download it!

I will probably get around to doing the individual track uploads sometime in the next week or so, and finish that for the other two mixes as well, in case anyone wants that... (I know [livejournal.com profile] free_pirate probably does.)

But for now you get a zip, and as always if you don't recognize an artist they're probably small-time and if you like them YOU SHOULD GET MOAR TRACKS, LEGALLY. (Okay there aren't that many small-time people on here but I still uphold: SUPPORT your neighborhood starving artists, okay?)
In other random news that I am reporting here for prosterity (mostly my own reference)... Not all of it is out there for the world to see, but I have commited at least 25k words to writing in this fandom.... O.O Um, wow, that kind of rocks. It's .... for someone who usually has writing hovering around 500 words? Yeah. I have learned how to make bigger plots, guys, and it is awesome!
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The Lost Chick Flick Moments Mix: Unabashed Chick Music To Make Dean and Kripke Kry, Wincest Edition.

Track List

1. Vienna Teng - Cannonball (cover. original at end.)
2. TV on the Radio - Ambulance - Dean and Sam, seducin' a brother...
3. Kris Delmhorst - Broken White Line - Dean to Sam (Impala Wincest memories! Kris! Who knew!)
4. The Frames - Everytime - Sam to Dean
5. Indigo Girls - Starkville - Dean to Sam
6. Cyndi Lauper - I Drove All Night - Dean to Sam, Pilot (zomg, late 80s! Cue Kripke's tears of RAGE.)
7. Mark Geary - A Prayer For St. Rita - Sam to Dean
8. Kris Delmhorst - Just What I Meant - Dean to Sam, post-Faith.
9. Dar Williams - The Ocean - Sam to Dean, then Dean to Sam
10. Deb Talan - Wild Horse - Sam and Dean
11. Christie McCarthy - Fold - Sam to Dean
12. Ani DiFranco - Pulse - Dean to Sam, end S2 (or every day, you choose!)
13. The Frames - Seven Day Mile - Sam to Dean, S3
14. Counting Crows - High Life - Sam to Dean, S3
15. Evanesence - My Last Breath - Dean to Sam, S3 Finale
16. Vanessa Carlton - Paint it Black (Rolling Stones Cover, original included at end of mix.) - Sam, S4

In any other mix, this would not be the B-Side, but in keeping with the theme I gave you aa cover done by a chick singers. But since I don't believe in giving covers more credit than the originals, and you certainly shouldn't only know the cover version of a song, I included the original at the end of the mix:

17. Damien Rice - Cannonball
18. The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

The full folder (download individual mp3s OR LISTEN :D)

The full mix - zip fle. ~107mb

The Lyrical Evidence )

Canon Edition
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Note: Yes I used a lot of The Frames. They're my favorite band.

I have used several indie artists in these mixes. If you like the music, please support the artists. It's only fair.

There are not many repeats here, so each mix should be interesting in its own right. But yes, there is at least one repeat. You'll have to deal. ;)

The Lost Chick Flick Moments Mix: Unabashed Chick Music To Make Dean and Kripke Kry: Canon/TV-Kosher Edition

Track List

1. The Frames - Dream Awake - Wee Sam
2. Carbon Leaf - On Any Given Day - Teen Dean
3. Ani DiFranco - Welcome To: - Sam
4. Snow Patrol - Run - Dean's Farewell to Sam pre-Stanford*
5. Counting Crows - Angels of the Silences - Dean to Mary, Sam to Jess S1
6. The Frames - Dance The Devil Back Into His Hole - Sam and Dean, hunting
8. Snow Patrol - Whatever's Left - John and Sam, esp. Dead Man's Blood and IMTOD.
7. Family - Sam to Dean post-IMTOD.
9. Aimee Mann - Deathly - Sam to Dean, Playthings and later.
10. Gary Jules - Mad World - Dean to Sam, Croatoan and later.
11. The Frames - Seven Day Mile - Sam to Dean, S3
12. Mark Geary - Gingerman - Dean to Sam, S3
13. The Frames - Sickbeds - Dean to Sam, NRFTW (S3 Finale)

This song doesn't quite get the feel of childhood under John Winchester's wing, but it does speak to the type of relationship Sam and John had, and it will never not remind me of canon Sam/Jess. So I include it for those of you who might be interested:

14. Alexis Shepard - Purple Ray Gun - Stanford era, Jess to Sam, or close Stanford buddies to Sam.

The Canon Mix Folder (download individual files OR LISTEN. :D)

The full mix zip. (~70mb.)

The Lyrical Evidence )

Or, check out the Wincest edition.


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