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So, over on LJ, I got an anon comment bitching about Gossamer.

Actually, the thing was, this person became incensed with Gossamer, but the actual comments on his/her upset were directed toward the show.

It was an anon screened thing so I could have let it go. Instead, I replied to it. I let this person know it didn’t seem as if s/he had seen the episode in question, since I seemed to be getting blamed for what was decided about Dean’s arc in season six.

So just to let the people know, yes, I know codependency is bad, and just because I wrote that Dean developed a memory leak and Sam came to get him DOESN’T MEAN I AM DOING THE YAY RAH CODEPENDENCE IS AWESOME dance.

Cause I am not.

*shakes head at fandom*

Also, next time a person wants to bash a fic, they would do better by doing so from their own username. Even if I have a fairly good idea who it might be.

...Yeah, I probably wouldn’t even be remarking on this except Gossamer put me on the floor to write and it has a lot of layers and brings up a lot of issues intentionally and no one seems to see that, particularly this person.

...Whatever. This is fandom, of the endless incoherent <333333s or frownie faces, I guess. Whatever. :P
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NEW STORY! (To be written. Starting tonight.)

I honestly do not know how much I will talk about this one. Other than that right now I am a flaily mess and want it all written RIGHT NOW so I can read it. Because it is gonna be awesome. AWESOME.
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*does a chairdance*

I might not ever get to go to Comiccon, but I will survive--comiccon is waaaaaaaay too insane for me anyway.

Watch this space.

I am trying to figure out, as we speak, if I could knock out the SPN/QL story by that day, actually. I dunno if that would be possible. I knocked out Soldier in two weeks of solid writing, after I had already completely inhaled DA. So...probably not, considering on my rewatch I am on episode 4 of 97. Heh. I am not going to watch all five seasons to do this crossover, but still, even DA took me a couple weeks.

So I am thinking more like end of the summer, but I will probably start it sooner than I expect because... well, to be perfectly honest Scott Bakula can never be J2 and I just don’t fangirl him that way so this is going sloooow. Heh. On the other hand, because my trip got canceled the only thing on my agenda for the weekend is: WATCH QL DAMMIT. So I should be getting on doing that.

I am at the point where I am 90% sure this QL crossover is gonna happen... The other 10% is the 10% that couldn’t figure out the end of Soldier for 2 weeks. In other words: I have conquered that 10% before. Besides, I already told people I would do it, and would I want to be a liar?

But I AM going to try shutting up about this one for the most part, because otherwise my journal is going to be so annoying.


Oh yeah! Also! My friend K., who is the one who asked me to watch SPN with her, came over and we watched up through Home. O.O Home. I am not going to lie, I almost got back on quotefic and ficced to it again. I NEVER stop ficcing Home. Ever. But I reasoned with myself that everyone else has already ficced it to death over there, and that wasn’t even counting all the fics I have left over there, and did I really think I would add anything of substance besides OOH is that a closeup of Dean?

The verdict was: No, I really can’t. But man, every time I see that episode I just want to fic the shit out of it. So I may still wander back over to quotefic later. :P

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So, the first time I tried writing a crossover, it was a complete disaster. Really. Such a bad fic that I never put it on AO3 or anything. It was kind of embarrassing, and doesn’t work as either a crossover or a fusion (although it was closer to a fusion). I got it in my head that I didn’t really understand crossovers and would never be good at them.

Apparently I done learned how to do them.

Which is making me think big thoughts. Big thoughts like this:

The best thing in the world might be if Sam and Dean met Black and White (Tekkon Kinkreet). Exactly two people would read it who weren’t me, but I don’t really care.

Then of course there was the fusion I always wanted to do between Quantum Leap and SPN with Sam as Sam and Dean as Al... Again, no one would read it, and I did already try to do a run-through of QL for this purpose and completely failed, but it might be worth trying again.

These are the things I ponder when sitting around in hospitals for hours, apparently. :P (Don’t worry, my ride was just really late.)
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So it was a good thing I went to check on my Amazon order of Dark Angel.

See, I have an alternate address where a lot of my spam ends up going to. I send my Amazon orders there because Amazon is a spammy company (IMO). Anyway, my order went to that address and I went to check on it and it was canceled due to the item being out of stock with the third party seller. So I went back and found new third party people and ended up ordering the seasons separately. Plus I threw in the SPN anime (Hi, Jared, you totally sold me on it, just so you know. ;) ANIME SAM FOR THE WIN.). I got all three for $52. And if they cancel these ones A) I will probably still get at least one of the two sets, and B) there are plenty more third party sellers where those came from.

I ALMOST bought the soundtrack to Tekkon Kinkreet in light of what I was saving, but for the second time it was too rich for my blood (It is an import, and boy can you tell.).

In other news, I think it is official. I am totally on a Dark Angel bender. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS AMAZINGNESS?! WHY HADN’T I SEEN IT BEFORE SF-CON?! God DAMMIT. Why do I not have magic psychic powers that would have let me know to INHALE this series so I could ask Jensen a bunch of questions and take up time so that little fandom bitches who complain about their hair didn’t get to waste time at the mic?


So whatever, I wasn’t going to write in DA, but then there was BEN. and Rachel Berrisford. And torture and psy-ops and brainwashing and children with shaven heads, and now I am on my second bunny which is turning epic, and I have a third bunny thanks to SPN-bitesized READING MY MIND (or maybe just my Dreamwidth) and I better be done with this bender by August 7 when I see Jared, because I feel like I am cheating on my first loves right now. LOL.

But ahhhhhhh.... Ben! Syl! Zack! Tinga! Case! (LOL a boy named Case. Whatever, it is a weird dystopian future, people named Box are totally allowed.) I still hate Max and Logan.

Also, my dear [livejournal.com profile] monicawoe, who encourages all my crazy fic dreams and prompts me for psychic!Dean just when I need her to, got to ask Jared a question today because she has BALLS OF STEEL (I could never do it.) Her report is here.

Have I mentioned how much fun I am having with this bunny I am writing? And how I just want to roll around inside of it forever? And how I will be saddened when you all see it because I can never go back into how cool writing this has been? And how in general THIS IS AMAZING? Because yeah. Writing is amazing. It is why I live. Ahhhh.

I don’t even care if no one reads it. I am breathing life into it, and that’s what’s important. :) It can belong to you guys later.
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Three bunnies. All of them for other people. One of which feels salvageable into something I might be able to write. :P This is kind of annoying.

Anyone want to write me fic? ;)

Vid bunnies under here.
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Smallville Day 3:

Will tell you a sekrit: I am ahead of everyone in episodes. JASON TEAGUE IS SO SNUGGLY. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, YOU GUYS. It’s like the first time I have ever seen Jensen play someone who’s not a cocky son of a bitch with a gooey center. SO SNUGGLY AND SWEET, I CANNOT EVEN.

My notes are getting less note-y as I go, but I wrote down a lot of stuff for this ep. *shrugs*
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