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I'm not really good at these. This is my first foray back into fandom in a long time (around 6 years). I will do my very best here, although some of my experience writing f/f erotica or romance-y things has been outside of fandom. I am mildly intimidated but am interested in this challenge.

So, because of these factors, my letter may not be as specific as some re: fandom tropes, and you can assume you have leeway as long as you avoid my squicks. I am a writer who wears many, many hats in and outside of fandom and don't get things written for me often. So my request is for something written.

Please understand you can make this as open-ended as you would like because I want you to create something that is enjoyable for you. This is the reason I'm leaving many things about pairings super open (as you will see), and you can do OFCs, as honestly sometimes that's how to make such a ship work, and that is fine. Please don't do anything that makes you feel constrained. I have no idea if this is a good letter but I will do my best here. If it starts feeling really demanding, just scroll down to my SQUICKS and avoid those and write to your heart's content.

I chose American Gods the book and American Gods the TV fandom *because they are quite different*. They really are. Please do not create something for me in the book universe unless you are a reader of the book who knows the universe very well. It is my favorite book, so I am a little bit exacting in this case. Since this is true, if you want to shy away from "tackling" the book universe I completely understand which is what I chose both. I also chose different pairings for each because the TV show hasn't gotten to some of them. And some of them are a bit AU but might happen in the show later, who knows.

I will however accept any pairing. (But am firmly on the side of the Old Gods. If you want to make a New God really compelling to me, go for it!) I will also accept OFCs. I will accept OFCs in any fandom or in any pairing.

American Gods the TV Series: Sweeney squicks me the hell out. He is drastically not my Sweeney and Laura is not my Laura. But especially Sweeney. Please do not write anything with Sweeney from the TV universe because as an Irish American not-a-dude, he is not my Sweeney (a relatively safe-ish character but not one I ever liked), he's way too over the top and true to the worst things about Irish men. Please don't write him for me. I'll be really freaked out. Everyone else is writing Sweeney. Please try something different. Also please no background Sweeney/Laura.

For Supernatural, I understand why, but I was the one to suggest the fandom and all the pairings, and I would accept any of them or suggested characters with OFCs. I like to go off-script, AU, so any scenario where anyone I suggested (or Sarah or Madison (early season love interests, one of whom was a monster/werewolf and that's fine too, for that matter) meets each other or has an encounter with an OFC I'd be happy with. The following was no accident: I suggested several disabled characters because I think that stuff should be in the world and it would really not bother me (the opposite) if it were in the world. Basically to create these ships, it probably has to go AU and I'd be fine with that in every way.

I'm really not that into Castiel, and if that makes you want to skip this fandom I understand. I'm really an old-school person. Please no brother-bashing or over-the-topness of them being majorly unsympathetic/unlikeable (they are not the focus here, but a fic where Dean actively abused Sam unrepentantly for zero reason really squicked me out very badly). if you involve Sam or Dean in any way I just really believe they love each other and wouldn't hate on each other throughout.

For Black Sails, I ship Anne with everyone and I ship Max with pretty much everyone. I'm a little bit less into Eleanor, but in general I enjoy pre-series and chose pairings along those lines. I will accept OFCs easily as above.

For Once Upon a Time: This is important! I've only seen up to season 5!

I really like tiny Henry. The Peter Pan season legitimately freaked me out to the point I had to resolve it in a crossover fic, so I'm not in love with "the heart of the true believer" plot, but basically anything with cute Henry stuff wins, which makes Emma/Regina or anything related to that a super easy pairing to do for me. At the same time, Henry or anyone else can be a background character.

I'm not super into Hook or Robin and not in love with the portrayal of Zelena. But especially not Hook.

Obviously there are canonical femslash pairings here. I'm also curious about ways to fic the "true love's kiss" thing in ways that are not overly Disneyfied or sugar-coated. True love that is a little gritty is fine by me. THIS is important though!!!! I have not seen season 6, I have seen up through S5. So please don't introduce any characters who are brand new in episodes I have not seen.

I LOVE FAIRYTALE RETELLINGS. It would be great if somebody wrote me one! I would happily write someone one, too!

Babylon 5:

I selected Talia/Susan. That was what was available there that means...teeps.

Telepaths. I love them. In any canon. In any fandom. For any reason. At any time. So, feel free to give me Susan with any telepath, or any telepath with any telepath including an OFC. Obvs Susan/Talia is the default pairing like this, but seriously. Just. I like telepaths.

...One time I caused a term deriving from "teep" to go viral on the Internet and take the disability commmunity by storm. I like telepaths. There's a disability parallel in there. One time I wrote an entire post about the disability parallel with telepaths in B5. I don't know if linking to it is allowed, but it exists.

So yeah I have strong feelings about B5. But I will take any telepath or telepath and non-telepath pairing for this and be greatly appreciative.

General notes not specific to fandoms (mostly):

SQUICKS: As mentioned: character bashing or over the top "this character must be unsympathetic to complete the story." TV Sweeney or any excuse for excessive Sweeney, any transphobia (I can't stress this enough--I want to participate but any transphobia in my exchange fic will be a hard squick that ruins it for me forever. This is my hardest NOPE of all time.), any excuses to just be like "Now we are playing major kink bingo!" Understated, quiet, not domestic but just gentle fics are fine. Basically what I'm saying is one of my squicks is probably excessive "let's throw everything into the fic at once" kinkiness that has no place. There aren't a lot of individual kinks that are NO but just over the top-ness is not a turn on. Also no hate-sex or "hero and villain fall in love." Not without a whole lot of grey area. (I can accept this about Regina and Emma if Regina is working out her stuff or vice versa. But it's usually a no. And even with Regina and Emma, no hate sex seriously please.)

Also, no feral sex please. For Once Upon a Time I understand the situation with Red and the same with Madison from Supernatural, but one supernatural creature I'm really not into most of the time are specifically werewolves. So like not adding more is cool with me. (Wolves are great, werewolves are extra.) But seriously, no like, feral sex with bloodletting and inhuman claws and stuff like that, that's a turn off for me. Thank you!

Curtainfic is not a squick but is not really my usual bag. Neither are deep college AUs. Ironically because I've written them but I just don't really read that. So that's a "usually I dislike or don't read this." It needs a little bit of something else, at least.


Likes: Fade to black is fine for me but not required, go as in depth as you like as long as it makes sense. But I do like open ended endings, things that make the imagination work.

Pre-series and pre-series AUs! Or AUs that at least include some "hm what if?" where the canon doesn't go. Post-series is okay but pre-series is a first love of mine.

Cuteness a la Henry from Once Upon a Time, Ben from Supernatural, cute little kids (doesn't have to be "kid fic" or de-aged stuff but that's cute too), I just relate to traumatized kids. It doesn't have to be about them but if they show up I'm not complaining, so as a result, I am cool with any pairing where they have to somehow deal with any such characters.

Romancey/gentle stuff, things where people deeply care for one another. Grit is fine along with/as long as there is genuine caring. Or it can be not like that, where it's ambiguous or strange or off-putting or dark or even horror. I write horror, so horror is fine too. I just draw the line at hate sex and would prefer not for it to be hero/villain in a really overt way. Grey areas pls. (There would be times Emma/Regina for example makes more sense than other times.)

More likes (none of this is in order of preference, just ease of organization): The reason for the first time (and the first time)/first meetings, vanilla or D/s is fine, (D/s without romance is great too if you can pull this off. Don't feel that you have to, go with whatever you write best!), but not the whole kitchen sink kink bingo, cuddling and body contact, hurt/comfort especially of the emotional/mental health kind (these two things are often related!), people having to be honest, people having to be "real" with children. Fairytale retellings! Magical realism!

This is pretty open ended--I don't mind if the end leaves unanswered questions, or if the ending is weird/mystical/unanswerable. Wanna add magic? Powers? Telepathy? Soul bonds? "Psi"? Yes! Horror? Cool! Wanna go AU? Definitely cool! Neil Gaiman is my favorite author and believe you me, he writes a lot of all of these including his own fanfic. AU is totally fine as long as I can follow the AU.

This is everything I can think of. This might not be a helpful post at all. I have never written a dear creator letter before! I hope it helps.
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Well, all, I'm (samidha) back, mostly to port my fic over to my newer AO3 account. Yes, this is both good and bad. It should give you a snapshot of my mental health right now, but I'm doing whatever I can while chaos reigns/rains in the rest of the world.

I know my master post is broken, but I'm slowly going through tags and porting. My series are all there, so it's just some misc. comment fics and one shots that aren't there yet. Oh yeah, and this summer I finished _Of Dreams and Demons_, leaving in some of the gaps because I'm never good at those and fixing it would have taken years more of writing. So it's still a 'verse, but it finally has an ending. In total I have 8 series (not all are Supernatural). I'm branching out into crossovers and other fandoms right now because American Gods, my absolute precious, is now on air.

So anyway, will be fixing things around here slowly, very slowly, including on AO3.

So here's my new account. https://archiveofourown.org/users/samidha/

I do not have a LJ anymore and I never will, due to the Russia stuff.


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