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Feb. 20th, 2017 02:08 pm
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Remember a post from around the summer, where I found a bird's nest in my gardening hat and was thinking that The Boy might have put it in there as a prank?

I pulled that same hat off the peg in the garage last weekend, and it was again occupied by a bird's nest. Except this time I knew for sure I had put it away the weekend before—no chance of leaving it out unguarded. There's also the matter of an artificial flower display I have outside, where fricasseed bits of it wind up on the ground or a table top in the breezeway. For a while, I thought the cat was getting up on the fence next to it at night and going nuts. Or maybe the raccoon that gets into the yard. But last fall, I kept catching glimpses of movement over there, and a tiny bird would fly out of the flowers. I checked to see if it was trying a nest in there, and it wasn't. However... one of the flowers wound up as nesting material in the hat inside the garage.

I cannot fathom why a bird would want to build a vertical nest inside something it has to sneak into—and can only get to when the side door to the garage is open (which, okay, is most of the time, but still). Nevertheless, it appears that is not an accident but a plot. I put the nest in the crotch of a tree by the patio, hoping someone might reuse it.

The rain here has worn me down to the point of, "Could you STAHP? I mean it!" We will be at 8 consecutive days of it by the time this round ends, after the previous stint of 5 days, and then 6 before that. My legs are tired and cramped from biking in the garage, and running is still out due to the plantar fasciitis. Boy, do I wish I could do some running right now!

Some random recs: Movie-wise, The Skiptrace is streaming now on Netflix. It's a basic Jackie Chan flick, silly but entertaining, and with a lot of extended "found object" fight scenes (this is Chan's genius, for us). Parts are a little strained and ridiculous, but there is a also lot of gorgeous Mongolian and Chinese scenery, which balances that out.

Book-wise, I'm finishing up Neal Shusterman's Challenger Deep. This an "unreliable narrator" extravaganza, told in short sections which alternate parts of a strange sea voyage (with a pirate captain and his crew) with a teenager's life in suburban America. At some point, it becomes apparent that many events in both stories are the same, but wildly abstracted. The reason becomes clear as you continue to read, but that bleed and resolution are just fascinating throughout. Almost finished, and then I'll start a Pascoe and Dalziel mystery. :)

In fan fiction, I've been reading Band of Brothers slash (just finished a gorgeous pre-series arc called Lancaster County yesterday). This is in between writing my Idol entry, of course, and then soon I'll be reading Idol entries and back at work, wondering why these 3-day weekends don't come up more often.

For music, it's more Rag 'N Bone Man: Lay My Body Down, and Hard Came The Rain. Yowza.

So, is everyone else ready for winter to be over? Or summer for those in Australia, which is probably just past its worst point now?

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We had some 5 1/2 days without rain, but now another week of storms lies ahead. We aren't in the danger range below the Oroville Dam, which got very hairy for a lot of people a couple of days ago. Never have I thought about a dam in the same way as a would-be jumper on a ledge: "Don't give up now! Keep fighting, you can do it!" People have been allowed to return to their homes, and the hope is that enough water was let out of the dam to at least get through the upcoming storm without risk of the dam breaching. *fingers crossed*

In my area, the twist was hitting a sunny stretch and looking forward to getting out on the bike path again, only to discover that the majority of it is underwater because more water was released from Folsom Dam in preparatory panic. People who live above the dam say the water level is still so low that they can see extended dirt patches revealed over the five-year drought. And that it's ugly and they would like more lake again. ;) Downriver, I worry the bike path will be damaged by being under water for so long (possibly washing out in areas), plus that river (the American) will back up already when it rains because it's a tributary to the Sacramento River, and that will rise quite a bit. In the meantime... it is hard to get miles in on surface streets near my house, with so many lights and stop signs. Who would have thought it would be my office-route cycling that would save me?

Also, I have entered Season 5 of Chuck in garage-biking viewing. I started S1 sometime in November of this year. \o?

Surprises: About 2-3 weeks ago, I spotted three teenage boys on the soccer field at our neighborhood park. One of them was a dwarf with a wave board, and he and another kid were in swimsuits. It was probably 52o at best. Were they maybe taking pictures? In the dead of winter? It was one of those, "Wait, am I really seeing this?" moments, with such an unexpected combination of unusual people and things.

Not a surprise: While warming down in my neighborhood after a bike ride, I came across two people in banana suits driving around in a white SUV. They waved and I waved, but if they hoped to give me a jolt, well, Hah! I live with the original banana boy! I did briefly think our son should organize a banana-suit flash-mob event, but I have no idea how he would go about that...

Listening to: Still kind of ensnared by Bob Moses' Tearing Me Up, even though it's more pop than I usually like, But the longing! The inability to walk away! I don't recommend the official video—the actors are way too young for the mood of the song—and I haven't found anything else by that group that I like, but that song? Yes. Then I was hooked all last week on Rag 'n' Bone Man because of Human, which has one of the single most annoying openings ever, and after 60 seconds settles down into, "This man should sing the blues forEVER. Damn." He doesn't look what you'd expect, and he's British, but he has the voice for that genre and he knows how to use it. Wow.

Work awaits, though I'm sure I had more weirdness I meant to share. Maybe it'll come to me later? \o?

ETA: My crack-inspired Idol entry, in case you missed it...


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