Mar. 3rd, 2012

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In light of the fact that my journals are going back to being much more ABOUT ME, and because I'm very serious now about my original writing making a comeback, I'm thinking pretty seriously about taking my fanfic down. I will take arguments for or against this, but ultimately the decision will be mine. You may take this intermediary period as a time to save any of my work you like. Just in case it were to ever come up in places like spnstoryfinders or whatever, I DO NOT really want people circulating these around once I take them down.

They will continue to exist on AO3, but I may orphan them. Still deciding.

Your thoughts are welcome.
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Gratitude Journal, abbreviated:

- Tea and speakers from Dad courtesy of Amazon.
- The fact that when our Internet went out it did so on the day that we had a serviceman coming anyway. Much improved from the days I went 3 months without an Internet connection to my computer.
- The delicious salad I had for dinner. I have to be careful with veggies for medical reasons (counterintuitive, I know), and I am extremely partial to salads, and vastly prefer raw to cooked vegetation. Salads make my world go round. :)

- Long conversation with my best friend, Phillip.
- Books in the mail from my other best friend, Molly.
- Getting my favorite meditation redownloaded from Audible and onto my computer and my phone so I can start meditating again. 30 seconds into the first run-through after several years, I felt immeasurably better.

Now, sleep.


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