Jan. 5th, 2012

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Crossposting between DW and LJ is now slightly broken for me because I have two different names and don't know how to fix the crosspost settings (I can see where I'm supposed to edit them. I just don't seem to be able to edit the right thing from what I can tell.) So I've been posting over on LJ since I did my name change.

The very abbreviated story is that the name samidha is now really attached to fandom for me, and I left the fandom, after much wailing, gnashing of teeth, soul-searching and other drama... Fandom was eating my life, I want my life back. It's not a judgment against anyone else's fandom foo.

Anyway, here is the post I wrote most recently on it. Other than this post, what I've been posting is writing of original characters and/or writing process stuff. The writing is locked because they're my/our original characters. Not sure if anyone over here is interested in seeing them... Show of hands?

Moving on... my most recent post:
Did a pass over my communities a little bit ago, got rid of as many comms as I could think of that I either didn't want to deal with anymore, or haven't been dealing with. Mostly these were Supernatural comms. Today I did something I haven't in months--tried to read my friends page. Having done so, I found some more comms to ditch, including the one for mac users. LOL. (Good riddance, overpriced Apple store.)

I may actually be able to read my flist again and maybe retain some things from it. I miss many of you. I hope I can keep up better now.

This is the last call. All my SPN comms are gone. [ETA: Except one that does file exchange party things. *whistles innocently* That might be gone shortly though.] I've left the fandom. It really stuck this time.

Hopefully the people who remain are not made uncomfortable by the fact that I had to leave. If you're uncomfortable here, the only thing I can suggest is to unfriend. I'm not coming back and I'm not writing any more fic (but I am not deleting any of what exists either). I am slowly re-engaging in my life after a period of totally not.

Many of you didn't really know the real me. I can't say that the real me is entirely back yet... or if there will be much writing here when I feel fully back in the saddle... but, well, if you have any doubts who you're dealing with at this point, give my profile another look. Most of it is still true, if in a muted, somewhat more timid way after having been through a lot of crap since I was last so vocal about who I was.

Anyway... so yeah. Feel free to get comfortable again, or walk away. I really won't judge. It's up to you if you want to see the non-fandom me or not.

At the moment posting will remain sparse anyway... Spoons are definitely all still going to rebuilding my life right now. But I want everyone who's here to be on the same page.

I'd like to thank you all again for the overall amount of support I've received here since I decided to leave fandom. None of that has gone unnoticed. Trust me. So...thanks. It's helped more than you'll ever know.



And about the rename that will be coming to this journal shortly:

I have found a username that's available both on DW and LJ. Fhionnuiscetine.

The hell is that?

It means phoenix fire (phoenix was taken). It also means bright water fire. Which is really, really awesome. See...that's sort of a running joke between myself and maccaj: our clan of characters primarily uses the last name O'Dubhshlaine which means people of the black water. Shortly before I met her, I had spontaneously changed Doug's name to, well, Doug, from Michael. Doug means black river/black water. So I had been trying to think of a username that incorporated a water element, especially because I am a water sign, and I periodically have intense nostalgia/fondness for such things. It wasn't happening and wasn't happening, til maccaj pointed out that I reminded her of a phoenix and that in Irish it has a double meaning. :)

So. Fhionnuiscetine. It's pronounced Finn-ISSH-key TIE-nuh, and, well, I hope that I can live up to it.

The DW journal won't be being renamed til Jan 1 as it costs money and all. Feel free to get used to the idea over on LJ. *grin* (It's not done there either...)


I will still be using the name Naoise somewhere in my profile because, well, it's appropriate.

Best of both worlds.

Go forth and be confused by all the Gaeilge. ;) Just think--sometime in 2012 I'll be starting to study it again, and then there'll be even more of it around.

ETA: I may just be using Fhionnuisce on DW... it's free.


Jan. 5th, 2012 03:59 pm
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Fixed crossposting! Yay!

Cogitating on a state-of-the-spirituality type post, as there have been some major shifts on that score... (OMG, I can actually spare thought toward spirituality again!) Couple of other half-posts are in my head, but nothing that warrants a full post yet. I'm not going to lean on DW/LJ as heavily as I used to do, probably not ever again, but I think that articulating some things about where I stand now is a good idea to help me feel rooted in what I'm dealing with now. So. Yay.

Apologies for the recent deluge particularly on LJ. Soon it will settle back out to just writing and occasional youtubes. ;)


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